The 100 most popular Emojis explained

Here's everything you need to know about the 100 most popular emojis and what they mean. *Thumbs up emoji*

The 100 most popular Emojis explained. Image shows the text "The 100 most popular Emojis explained" next to a white smartphone with heart eyes emoji, winking emoji, and crying emoji on it

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If you’re unfamiliar with emojis and what they mean, then we’ve got you covered right here. In this article, the 100 most popular emojis are explained. Have you ever felt out of a conversation in a group chat when your friends shared emojis, and you didn’t know what they meant? Or have you ever wanted to share your feelings with emojis but couldn’t because you didn’t know which one to send? Emojis are used as a way of expressing emotions and gestures in text messages and social media posts that we don’t use in our face-to-face interactions. Technically, they are not a language, but they play an important role in Internet communications. With the world becoming increasingly online, understanding the most popular emojis and what they signify can be essential to having good internet communications and happy relationships online.

There are over 3600 emojis in the latest Emoji 15.0 release. However, you don’t have to understand all the icons to be your group’s emoji expert. Here’s an explanation of the 100 most popular emojis you should learn.

Unicode Name
😂Face with tears of joySend this when you are extremely happy or want to show laughter
👍Thumbs upApproval, agreement, and good job
🤣Rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL)Expresses uncontrollable laughter
❤️Red heartShows love, romance, and affection
😘Face throwing a kissSend a kiss or a flying kiss
😍Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesShows love and adoration
😭Loudly crying faceSend when expressing uncontrollable sadness or crying moments
🎉Party popperExpresses celebrations and congratulations
🙏Person with folded handsPrayer, thank you, or an Indian way of greeting
🥰Smiling face with smiling eyes and three heartsShows extraordinary love and affection
😊Smiling face with smiling eyesExpress positiveness and happiness
💕Two heartsLove is in the air
🔥FireHot, excellent, or achieved something in a dashing way
😁Grinning face with smiling eyesGlowing and happy
🤦Face palmExpress frustration or dumbness
🥺Face with pleading eyesAdoration, bashful, pleading
😅Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweatRelief, silliness, excitement, nervousness
♥️Black heart suitLove
🤗Hugging faceHugs, enthusiasm, and joy
☺️White smiling faceHappy, joyful, and positive
🙄Face with rolling eyesSarcasm or boredom
😆Smiling face with open mouth and tightly closed eyesShows excitement and immense laughter
🤷ShrugIndifference, unknowing
👏Clapping hands signApplause for something special
💜Purple heartLove and affection
🎂Birthday cakeBirthday and special occasional cakes
🙂Slightly smiling faceExpresses happiness
😉Winking faceJoking, cheekiness
🤔Thinking faceQuestion, thought, ponder
😔Pensive faceSad, remorseful
😎Smiling face with sunglassesCool and confident
😳Flushed faceShows surprise or embarrassment element
👌Ok hand signApproval
🥳Face with party horn and party hatCelebration, birthday, party
💪Fixed bicepsGym, strength, fitness
SparklesExpresses positiveness and happiness
👉White right pointing backhand indexDirection or look right
😏Smirking faceMischief and flirting
💖Sparkling heartGlowing love
😢Crying faceSadness, upset
😋Face savoring delicious foodCheeky, delicious food, poling fun
😩Weary faceDistressed or drained
👀EyesSeen, drama
💗Growing heartIncreasing love and affection
💯Hundred points symbolPerfection, 100 points approval
💞Revolving heartsLove is in the air or whirlwind of love
😃Smiling face with open mouthAmusement, happy
💙Blue heartLove and admiration
😡Pouting faceConvert extreme anger and rage
🤤Drooling faceDelicious food, desire
🙈See-no-evil monkeyPlayful way to convey hiding, cringing, or disbelief
💐BouquetAppreciation, celebration, or a special occasion
😜Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eyeSense of fun, excitement, wackiness
🤞Hand with index and middle fingers crossedIndicate luck or desire for a favorable outcome
😄Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesLaughter-filled joy, gratitude
❣️Heavy heart exclamation mark ornamentEmphasized love
🙌Raising both hands in celebrationExpress joy, pride, or surprise
🤪Grinning face with one large and one small eyeExpress silliness
😀Grinning faceJoy, happiness, cheerfulness
🤩Grinning face with star eyesAmazing, fascinating, impressive
💋Kiss markAffection, friendly kisses, sexiness, love
😬Grimacing faceEmbarrassment or awkwardness
💔Broken heartBroken heart after a breakup or rejection
💀SkullDying of laughter or awkwardness in a playful manner
🙃Upside-down faceSilliness, sarcasm, irony,
👇White down pointing backhand indexPoint out a message or look down
💓Beating heartPassionate love
😌Relieved faceContentment, calm, peace, and relief
👋Waving hand signGoodbye or a sarcastic way to say go away
💩Pile of pooExpress s*** in both the literal and figurative senses
👈White left pointing backhand indexLook left
White heavy check markApproval, all is good
🎁Wrapped presentGifts or shopping
☹️White frowning faceSadness, sorrow
💥Collision symbolExplosion or collision
🙋Happy person raising one handWave or ask a question
😑Expressionless faceBoredom and lack of enthusiasm
🥴Face with uneven eyes and wavy mouthIntoxication
😱Face screaming in fearFear, horrified
🤭Smiling face with smiling eyes and hand covering mouthCoy laughter or embarrassment
😴Sleeping faceFeeling sleepy
😇Smiling face with haloAngels, prayers, and blessing
😐Neutral faceNeutral, irritated
🌞Sun with faceRadiant and happy
😒Unamused faceIrritation, displeasure, grumpiness
🌸Cherry blossomBeauty or cuteness
😈Smiling face with hornsCheeky, mischief, and naughty
🎶Multiple musical notesSinging, music, feeling of joy
👑CrownRoyalty and success
✌️Victory handPeace, unity, harmony
🖤Black heartMourning or sad love
🎊Confetti ballJoy and celebration
💰Money bagMoney and wealth
😚Kissing face with closed eyesLove, affection, and fondness
💚Green heartLove, support, close bonds
☀️Sun with raysWarmth and positiveness
🥵Overheated faceExtreme heat
😞Disappointed faceSadness and disappointment

Are Emojis the same on iOS and Android?

Although iOS and Android do technically have the same Emojis, their appearance will be different. Emojis may be universally available, but they are not universally standardized. Essentially, Unicode doesn’t regulate what the emoji have to look like, that’s left up to the company: In this case, the companies are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and other companies that create software and hardware.


Now you know the meaning of some of the most commonly used emojis. All you need to do now is use these emojis on the social media platforms you use, be it Discord, Instagram, WhatsApp, or others. Every new release of the latest emojis version adds new emojis to the collection. Even updates on phones bring long-awaited new emojis to the emoticon repertoire. The iOS 15.4 has added several new emojis to its collection. Although we haven’t covered all 3600 icons from the Emoji 15.0 release, hopefully you have enough understanding to have positive communications when online. However, if you’re an Android user who doesn’t have access to the full spectrum of iOS emojis, you can read on about our picks of the best free Emoji apps for Android in 2023.

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