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Is the Galaxy S23 memory expandable?

Is an expandable memory a thing of the past?
Last Updated on April 21, 2023
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The new Galaxy S23 has arrived! Samsung launched this powerhouse of a smartphone on February 1st. Now the smartphone is here, you may be wondering: Is the Galaxy S23 memory expandable?

Unfortunately, from what we know, the S23 won’t have expandable memory. The Galaxy S22, which was the previous flagship model, has many impressive features, but expandable memory isn’t one of them.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Samsung did not include this feature in their latest flagship. This is a bit of a bummer, but then again expandable memories are a thing of the past.

Samsung seems to be following in Apple’s footsteps. The tech giant stopped supporting expandable storage on the S-series back in 2021. The last model with a micro-SD slot was actually the Galaxy S20.

Despite this, the new Galaxy S23 has three internal storage options – 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. This is normally sufficient storage for most. Although if you wish to increase this, you may have to opt for an external flash drive.

To accompany the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung has opened the Galaxy S23 pre-order list. So, if you want to bag yourself a $50 saving and be the first with the new smartphone, be sure to sign up.

Galaxy S23 features

We can safely say the Galaxy S23 does not have expandable storage, but what other features does it have?

Each year we see the release of a new and improved flagship smartphone from Samsung. This year is no exception. Luckily, we have done all the hard work for you. Here are all the Galaxy S23 features below:

Can I put an SD card in my S23?

Unfortunately, you cannot insert an SD card into the Galaxy S23 because it does not have expandable storage.

Why did Samsung get rid of the SD card slot?

It is not completely clear why Samsung decided to remove the SD card slot from their phones. But considering their main competitors stopped it a long time ago, it’s no surprise that Samsung also jumped on the bandwagon.

Some speculate that the removal was due to the fact that SD cards are much slower than built-in internal storage. Therefore, in order to speed up the smartphone’s functions, Samsung decided to remove it. Additionally, having an SD card slot places limitations on how sleek and thin you can make the smartphone, which could have also played a role in its removal.

It is also a good financial move. If you restrict customers’ ability to upgrade their storage when they see fit, it means you can set the price for each storage level.

How much storage does the Samsung S23 have?

The Samsung S23 comes with two storage options: 128GB and 256GB.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, the new Galaxy S23 will not have expandable storage. Samsung seems to have adopted Apple’s stance on expandable memories – which is a shame. Leading up to the official release date, do not forget to sign-up for Samsung’s pre-order list to be the first to receive the device.

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