How To Set Up Pop Up Blocker On Android

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Vanilla Pop up blocker Android isn’t a feature that works directly across all apps unless you download a third-party ad blocker (Check out our guide here). Instead, pop up blocker Android works via your installed browser, such as Google Chrome, for example. 

Pop ups can be rife online, certainly on shadier parts of the internet. Disturbing your web surfing with ads, competitions, and potential scams, you can opt to block such instances with pop up blocker Android. Some pop up blockers will also block ads on websites too, which depending on your shopping habits, can help you or hinder you when it comes to finding new products.


Pop Up Blocker Android (Chrome)

Each web browser will have its own instructions on how to activate its respective pop up blocker Android service; this how-to will concentrate on Google Chrome. It’s more often than not the stock internet browser on Android devices right now, so naturally, it’s going to have a high usage rate. Let’s get into it:


Find and launch Google Chrome

Then tap on the menu button (three dots) on the top-right corner.


Navigate To ‘Pop Ups and Redirects’

This can be found in ‘Site Settings’.


Turn On Pop Up Blocker Android Functionality

Simply tap into ‘Pop Ups and Redirects’ and toggle the switch on, and there you go.