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What is Amazon Bedrock AI – What can it do?

Last Updated on April 14, 2023
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Amazon’s ‘Bedrock’ AI toolkit is Amazon’s entry into the generative AI space; a move that the company will hope positions its AI capabilities alongside the likes of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. While the likes of Microsoft Copilot and Google Bard indicate tech giants’ willingness to find a place with AI technology, Amazon’s new arrival is another looking to take part of the pie. But what is Amazon Bedrock, and why is it important?

What is Amazon Bedrock?

A big deal for Amazon, the Bedrock AI toolkit is a collection of generative AI tools that customers can make use of. Bedrock isn’t its own AI model or service. However, Amazon is looking to utilize the tools to mark its position as a company providing useful AI solutions that are transformative for Amazon and its customers.

The Bedrock AI tools make use of what Amazon is calling “foundation models”: AI21’s Jurassic-2 model for language processing, Anthorpic’s Claude – an AI assistant model – Stability AI’d Stable Diffusion for image creation, and Amazon’s own Titan models which initially include Titan Text (for summarization and text generation) and Titan Embedding (which is focused towards semantics and personalization).

What can Bedrock Tools do?

Amazon Bedrock AI tools are designed to work together to allow Amazon’s Enterprise and Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. So it’s the enterprise market where Amazon hopes to challenge the likes of OpenAI with Bedrock. This means, that unlike ChatGPT there’s no public-facing application for use or testing.

Amazon’s own blog, announcing the new tools, provides the example of “a content marketing manager who works at a leading fashion retailer and needs to develop fresh, targeted ad and campaign copy for an upcoming new line of handbags.” This is where Bedrock will help deliver and benefit Amazon’s customers…and Amazon’s positioning too.

For this example, the content manager would be able to provide some top-performing taglines with a selection of product descriptions for Bedrock’s language tools to then provide usable copy for social media, adverts, and campaigns. It’s not exactly the sort of stuff the public will have access to. However, it does mark a further move into using AI in more ways to engage with

Are Amazon Bedrock AI Tools publicly available?

No, at least not yet. The current preview is available in a limited preview, presumably ahead of rolling out to Amazon’s AWS and enterprise customers. But unlike individual tools like Dall-E 2 and ChatGPT, Bedrock isn’t intended to be available for public use.

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