Can Chat GPT do my homework?

We test Chat GPT's homework abilities

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Whether you are a student or just a bit curious, you may be wondering, can Chat GPT do my homework? To be honest, there is no reason why Chat GPT can’t do your homework. But, whether it can do it well is another story.

Chat GPT is a very powerful and versatile online AI chatbot. You can quite literally ask the model anything and it will generate a text response to answer your request.

There are headlines about the model’s ability to write degree-level essays, pass university exams and succeed in Google’s coding interview. It is pretty clear that this AI model is very capable but should you use it for your homework?

Chat GPT homework examples

To see how well Chat GPT would respond to homework questions, we put the model to the test. We first asked the AI to answer a pretty straightforward high-school physics question.

PC Guide: “A box exerts a force of 100N on a table. The pressure on the table is 15 N/m². Calculate the area of the box that is in contact with the table.”

Chat GPT: “The pressure on the table can be calculated using the equation: pressure = force/area. So, the area of the box in contact with the table can be calculated as: area = force/pressure = 100 N / 15 N/m² = 6.67 m².”

So Chat GPT managed to answer this question correctly and showed its working, which is what most educators are looking for. Let’s look at another example. We decided to ask Chat GPT an essay-style question to see its versatility.

PC Guide: “Write an essay about the theme of love in Romeo and Juliet.”

Chat GPT: “Love is a central theme in William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet.” The play is a classic example of young love, a love that is passionate, intense, and ultimately tragic. Shakespeare’s depiction of love in the play is both realistic and romantic, capturing the complex emotions that come with love, both positive and negative….”

We have cut down Chat GPT’s response here, but you get the idea. From what it seems, Chat GPT definitely has the intelligence and capability to do high-school-level homework – at least.

Should Chat GPT do my homework?

It is quite obvious that Chat GPT has the ability to do your homework and it can do it pretty well. The issue with using Chat GPT is that it is technically academic dishonesty.

Using the model’s answers and passing them off as your own goes against the academic integrity rules set by your school or university. So using Chat GPT can be considered cheating.

Additionally, OpenAI has already said that Chat GPT is not always accurate or correct. Taking the AI bot’s words to be true could firstly land you a bad score, but also expose you for using the model.

Recently, AI detectors have become increasingly available, so you need to be aware that your teachers or professors can run your submissions through AI classifier software.

Final Thoughts

So can Chat GPT do your homework? In short, yes it can in some regards… But, should you use Chat GPT for your homework? It’s up to you, but probably not.

There are various risks with using this language model as your homework fairy godmother, so you must act with caution in what you use it for.

In our expert opinion, we do not recommend using Chat GPT for homework because the consequences after getting caught could be pretty serious.