ChatGPT vs Notion AI – which AI tool is best for you in 2024?

We compare these popular AI-powered tools

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Notion AI and ChatGPT are both well-rounded multi-purpose AI tools with some of the best UI on the market. However, the audiences they tailor to are substantially different. Between an extensive list of features, integrations, and plugins, there’s more than raw AI power to consider here. When choosing between ChatGPT vs Notion AI, here are the key similarities and differences to pay attention to.

ChatGPT vs Notion AI compared

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is no doubt the most popular AI tool on earth, with over “100 million weekly active users“, as confirmed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Notion AI is also a very popular service, but smaller and more specialized by comparison. Does this specialization make Notion a better choice for you in 2024?

Key similarities

Both ChatGPT and Notion are AI tools that can accomplish a range of tasks, using a range of data types. Each of these AI-powered chatbots uses machine learning to generate responses to users’ input. By using natural language processing (NLP), these tools understand not only your request, but the intent of the request, and can provide better suggestions than a search engine as a result. In addition, both can be used for customer support or as a personal assistant.

In short, the core capabilities of both are fairly similar. However, depending on your needs for content creation and project management, they each have their strengths.

Notion and ChatGPT are both suitable for organizations of any size. The former is designed up for project management, and the offering free, Plus, Business, and Enterprise plans. The latter now has an equal number of plans, including a free version, with Plus, Teams, and Enterprise for identical reasons. However, this is where the similarities end.

Notable differences

One of the main benefits of ChatGPT is that it can understand natural language and can respond more conversationally. It can remember previous interactions, allowing for more personalized responses.

ChatGPTNotion AI
All-purpose AI chatbotA professional “connected workspace where better, faster work happens”.
Uses GPT-3.5 for free users, and GPT-4 for subscribersPropietary AI model(s)
Best for quality of generative AIBest for project management
No consulting servicesHire a consultant
No calendar functionalityCalendar functionality for business workflows
AI image generatorNo AI image generator
ChatGPT vs Notion AI

Notion AI is an all-in-one workspace that includes features like notes, tasks, and databases. It’s highly customizable, meaning users can tailor it to their needs. Notion AI allows collaboration, making it a great tool for project teams.

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, ChatGPT is perfect. Type in your query, and ChatGPT will generate a response. It’s available for desktop, meaning Mac, PC, and Linux, via any web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.) in addition to the mobile app for iOS and Android. In addition to this, the Teams plan offers a professional and collaborative workspace for teams using AI for business projects. There are also plenty of useful plugins to connect ChatGPT directly with your other software for easy and convenient operation. However, because ChatGPT is not a project management software, it’s not ideal for all the same things as Notion.

By comparison, Notion AI has a steeper learning curve. It’s a more comprehensive tool that requires some setup time. However, once you get the hang of it, Notion AI is a powerful tool that can help you stay organized and focused. If you need a project management tool that has artificial intelligence built-in, Notions’ ease of use is second to none. With to-do lists, meeting summaries, and generative AI for brainstorming new ideas, this LLM (large language model) powered platform is arguably the best of its kind for user experience.

Customer Support for Notion AI Vs ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a great tool for businesses that want to offer customer support. It can handle a wide range of queries and be available 24/7, making it a cost-effective solution. It can even be used as your own business’s customer support, via the OpenAI API for GPT-4. In addition, because ChatGPT is powered by deep learning, it can learn from previous interactions and improve its responses over time.

Notion AI is not specifically for customer support but can still be a useful tool for managing customer inquiries. For example, you can create and share a database of frequently asked questions with your customers. This would allow them to find answers to common queries without any support quickly. Notion’s own customer service is bolstered by your option to hire a consultant, who will aid you and your team when learning to use the software.

ChatGPT Vs Notion AI – Personal use

ChatGPT can be a useful tool for personal use. For example, you could use it as a virtual assistant to help you manage your schedule and reminders. With a ChatGPT Plus subscription, your user input will be processed by the best AI models on earth, such as GPT-4V and GPT-4 Turbo. From a convenient user-friendly interface, you can handle text generation, image generation, summarizing, task automation, language translation, and other forms of content generation with human-like text responses and the seamless integration of advanced language models and a third-party add-on library.

By comparison, Notion AI is designed for use as part of a larger team. It does indeed have a free plan for individuals, but aside from ‘solopreneurs’ managing themselves, project management typically applies to larger organizations. The Notion platform is great for team collaboration. It can help you stay organized and focused, whether you’re working on personal projects or trying to manage your household tasks. Notion AI is highly customizable so that you can tailor it to your needs.

With Notion, you can brainstorm ideas for blog posts, but you’ll want to generate the blog posts with ChatGPT.

Collaboration with ChatGPT vs Notion AI

These two generative AI tools differ in that ChatGPT was not initially designed as a ‘team work’ tool. Instead, the generative AI allows individuals to produce human-like text, and now images, without defining the end use case for you. Now, ChatGPT Teams does incorporate a workspace for colleagues to work collaboratively on AI-powered projects, but ChatGPT would not be considered project management software. You won’t find any kanbans here (unless you install a third-party plugin for that).

In stark contrast, Notion AI is indeed for collaboration. You can create shared workspaces with your team members, allowing everyone to collaborate in real time. Moreover, because Notion AI includes a wide range of features, such as notes, tasks, and databases, it can be a comprehensive tool for managing projects.

FAQ – Does Notion AI use ChatGPT?

Some user are curious whether or not Notion uses the same AI model that powers ChatGPT. There is no evidence that Notion uses the model in question, GPT-4. Notion offers API access to developers looking to use Notion’s own AI model in third-party software.


Chat GPT and Notion AI are powerful tools with strengths and weaknesses. What is best for you will depend on your specific needs. If you’re looking for a tool to handle customer support queries, Chat GPT is a great option. If you’re looking for a comprehensive workspace to manage your projects, Notion AI will work.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which tool is right for you is to try them out for yourself.

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