ChatGPT Android app – how to pre-register

ChatGPT Android App - pre-register - OpenAI and Android logos

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Users of Google’s mobile OS have had to wait, but there will be a ChatGPT Android app arriving next week. The app has been on the wishlist of ChatGPT users since the AI chatbot broke cover at the end of 2022. And it’s been top of the list for many since OpenAI’s service gained huge interest in 2023.

Anticipation wasn’t helped by the launching of the first ChatGPT app on May 2023. But the Android ChatGPT app isn’t far away now, and you can pre-register for it too. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to do it so that you can access the app as it becomes available. If you’re looking for the best ChatGPT apps, for some information on how to use ChatGPT or a bit more of an insight into what ChatGPT is, we have specific articles for those.

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ChatGPT Android app – how to pre-register step-by-step



Open the Play Store

Head to your Google Play Store app on your smartphone or Android device and open it up.



Search for ChatGPT

In the Play Store app you can search for “ChatGPT”.

Alternatively, if you’re currently on an Android device reading this article, you can use this direct link to ChatGPT on the Play Store.



Select pre-register

Once you’re on the app page select pre-register and you will get acess to the ChatGPT Android app as soon as it is released. Simple.

ChatGPT Android app permissions

Judging by the current ChatGPT page on the Google Play Store, the permissions required for the app will be fairly standard when it arrives. The list of permissions is for access to:

  • Location (Approximate location)
  • Personal info (Name, Email address and Phone number)
  • Messages (Other in-app messages)
  • App activity (App interactions and Other user-generated content)
  • App info and performance (Crash logs, Diagnostics and Other app performance data)

Why was the ChatGPT Android app delayed?

Although we don’t know the reason for the split release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT apps, the company received some reports of odd behavior with its release of the iOS app back in May – notably that the app reportedly led to some overheating and battery drain on the iPhones it was installed on. In any case, it makes sense that OpenAI would want to squash any potential issues before releasing a second app.