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How to use ChatGPT to prepare for an interview

Did you know artificial intelligence can help you practice for a job interview? Here's how to use ChatGPT to prepare for an interview.
Last Updated on July 20, 2023
How to use ChatGPT to prepare for an interview
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Artificial intelligence may well be the reason you ace your next job interview. How so? Well in this article I’ll show you how a simple ChatGPT prompt can train you, enhance your problem-solving skills, matching sample interview answers to technical interview questions, and ultimately land you that dream job! Let’s learn how to use ChatGPT to prepare for an interview.

How to use ChatGPT to prepare for an interview

One of the uniquely effective use cases for ChatGPT, and in fact any natural language processing bot, is it’s ability to respond conversationally. The value of this will swiftly become apparent as I walk you through your new job search process. The interview process is hard enough on job seekers without the stress that comes with meeting the hiring manager in person, the one who knows much more about you than you do about them. It will provide feedback during a mock interview, insights and understanding around your soft skills, and ask follow-up questions. The only thing it can’t do is evaluate your body language, but it can handle behavioral questions. We’re going to turn this AI chatbot into your own personal interview coach. Make sure to check “What is ChatGPT – and what is it used for?” as well as “How to use ChatGPT to write a CV” for further advice on this topic.

You’ve written the perfect resume to match their job description. You’ve analyzed their company culture. If this is sounding a bit intense, that’s because I wrote it that way.

Take a deep breath and chill out, we’ll get you through this.

How do you ask ChatGPT to act as an interviewer?



Create an OpenAI Account

Go to https://chat.openai.com/auth/login in any web browser and sign up for an OpenAI account.

Sign up ChatGPT



Prime your prompt and define your goals

You can tell ChatGPT, or any other large language model chatbot AI, to ‘act as’ a character. In this case, we’ll tell ChatGPT to “Act as an interviewer, and interview me for the position of [dream job title] at [company name] within the [preferred] industry”. This already arms the chatbot with a reasonable degree of context as to how it should respond, and what questions would be pertinent interview questions.

ChatGPT Prompt



Practice makes perfect!

From here the only thing left to do is run through a mock interview. Again. And again. Keep going until you’ve covered everything you know will come up. Then, because those things will somehow not come up and the interview will go in an unexpected direction, make sure you’ve given the chatbot chance to ask a few things you weren’t expecting. The beauty of a conversational and generative AI (large language model) like this is that it will invent things to ask you that go beyond what you can predict.

ChatGPT Prompt


Can ChatGPT help with interviews?

Yes! The conversational nature of a chatbot AI allows the interviewee (i.e. you) to practice common interview questions prior to your meeting. This can be greatly beneficial even if you know the answers because, let’s admit it, interviews are scary. Even if you have the experience they’re looking for, and a stunning personality, and a great work ethic, nerves can always get the better of us. There are many neurodivergence’s that make chatty conversation, eye contact, and firm handshakes more difficult for some than others. The ability to build your confidence beforehand may just land you the job!

What prep should I do for an interview?

This really is a topic in itself, too long for an FAQ section. Briefly speaking, know your prospective role and its terminology inside and out. Know the company, what they stand for, and the people you’ll be in the room with at your interview. Know what total compensation you’re hoping for, and the minimum you’ll accept. Then ask ChatGPT to act as an interviewer and run through questions like these with you days in advance.

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