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Dall-E 2 Vs. Dall-E Mini, What Are The Differences?

Introduction to Dall-E 2 and Dall-E Mini
Last Updated on August 11, 2023
Dall-E 2 Vs. Dall-E Mini, What Are The Differences
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The Dall-E 2 and Dall-E mini are AI-based image creators taking the internet by storm. However, Dall-E 2 by OpenAI and Dall-E mini by Craiyon often need clarification, since both are image creators operated by text prompts. So, don’t feel messed up if you confuse the two Dall-E models.

Instead, just read the below to clear your confusion about their differences.

Difference Between Dall-E 2 and Dall-E Mini

Though both the models not only sound similar, their main function is also the same, which is to generate images through text prompts. OpenAI, using a diffusion model with so many parameters, developed the Dall-E 2. Whereas the Dall-E Mini came into existence by Boris Dayma through the collective inspiration from the Dall-E research project and paper. Moreover, Dall-E Mini is open-source and has TPU Research cloud funding from Google.

What is the main difference between the image results generated by Dall-E 2 and Dall-E Mini?

The most important difference is the result of the images you get from both, two models. The Dall-E 2, you can say, is the enhanced shape of the Dall-E mini as it can generate high-fidelity images. It accurately reflects the text prompt to drive the best resembling close image results.

Therefore, it can outperform the Dall-E mini in terms of image results. However, we all agree that the Dall-E mini is a creation of an individual with limited resources and funds, which must be credited.

What is the name change for the original Dall-E, and how does it help distinguish between the two models?

A major step to remove the common confusion between the two Dall-E models is that Dall-E has changed its name to Craiyon. Though it may be a bit hard for the users to pronounce it, but at least it’s very helpful in removing the confusion between the two brands.


Many users or experts call the Dall-E 2 and Dall-E mini two sides of the same coin. This can be true and wrong as well. Since both these models have different developers and use other technological inputs, but that doesn’t make them the same.

However, they do serve the same purpose, which is to generate an image from text prompts.

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