How to Delete Your Dall-E Account

Assessing the Need to Delete Your Dall-E Account

How to Delete Your Dall-E Account

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We all come to a point when using any platform or software where we have enough and now wish to delete our account. Users delete their accounts on various platforms due to many reasons. 

So, if you are willing to delete your account on Dall-E 2 but wondering how to do it, don’t worry. The below read can help you with it.

Before you Delete Your Dall-E Account

Before you move towards deleting your account with Dall-E 2, you need to be certain about taking this serious step. It’s because deleting an account will be permanent, and you will lose all your work and won’t have any further access to your account in the future.

So make sure to keep all the data stored somewhere safe before proceeding.

Deleting the account is easy; you can do it anytime. For that, all you need is to contact their help chat support when logged in to the OpenAI website.

Delete Your Dall-E Account – step-by-step



Select ‘Help’

In the bottom-right corner, select the “Help” button.



Choose ‘Send message’

Next, select the Send us a message” button.



Account Deletion

Lastly, select the “Account Deletion” option and follow the easy procedure to complete your account deletion request.

Once you have completed the above easy-step process, you will submit your request to delete your account on Dall-E 2 with OpenAI once the process is completed from their end. You will receive a confirmation afterward. Moreover, note that the deletion process can take up to four weeks.

Additionally, you need to be logged into the OpenAI account so that they can verify your account and the account holder.


Deleting an account on any platform should be effortless. However, as a user, you only need to be certain about your decision; the rest is many easy steps.

So, if you plan to delete your OpenAI Dall-E 2, we hope the above read will help you. Lastly, save all your progress and data, as you cannot recover it.

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