How to Install Stable Diffusion on Linux?

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Stable Diffusion on Linux

How to Install Stable Diffusion on Linux

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Stable Diffusion is available on most operating systems in different models. It is the best applicable with all these operating systems without any issues. So if you are a Linux user and want to learn about how to install and use it on your system, don’t worry. 

Let’s find out how to install it on your Linux OS.

Installing and Running Stable Diffusion on Linux



Download the Installation File

To install the app on your Linux system, you must first download it, which is effortlessly available online once you have downloaded the installation file on your Linux system.



Extract the File

You will now have to extract it from any of your favorite file managers. You can also use “unzip” in the terminal.



Open the Terminal

Once the zip file is extracted, open the terminal and visit the easy-diffusion directory.

To run the Stable Diffusion in the terminal, run (bash start. sh), or you can also (try ./

If you follow these steps correctly, it will install and run the Stable Diffusion on your Linux system quickly, ready to start the interfacing. You will not be required to follow other steps to install or run it.

Which is Better for Stable Diffusion, Linux or Windows?

Some users claim that the Linux OS is now better than windows. Therefore, for Stable Diffusion, users think Linux is better than Windows. This is because Linux has improved itself considerably against windows, which isn’t bad.

However, it is not an official factual finding, and users can choose an operating system for using Stable Diffusion.


Installing and running the Stable Diffusion on Linux isn’t as hard as many users may think. Like Windows and Mac operating systems, you need to download, install and run it before using it.

Follow the above easy procedure and install it quickly on your Linux systems.