Who Made Stable Diffusion?

The Creators of Stable Diffusion: An Inside Look

Stable Diffusion Who Made It

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Stable Diffusion is one of the best AI image generators and machine learners. Most AI image generators can be run on the cloud, but users can run the program on their PC for Stable Diffusion.

So, if you are wondering about the great minds behind this great innovation, please read the below.

Who Made the Stable Diffusion?

The founder of StabilityAI, Emad Mostaque, along with the collaboration of RunwayML and LMU Munich, LAION, and EleutherAI, created the Stable Diffusion. After many months of testing, its code and AI model were public as an open source on 22 August 2022.

Moreover, the developers of StabilityAI revealed that they have even intended to launch a version for the Stable Diffusion to testing on the Web.

Currently, the Stable Diffusion has a free license available to everyone. It allows each user to use this software for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

But, no user is allowed to use the software to break its laws, discrimination use, give medical advice or spread false information.

The founder of StabilityAI has already made it apparent for users to use the AI tool by remaining within their ethical and moral boundaries.

Currently, it is the latest text-to-image-creating open-source machine learning model. The users can use it to not only create images but can also modify them. It can run with a remarkable speed to create images at an incredible speed.

You can easily use it on any average PC with an installed 6-8 GB GPU (Graphic Processing Unit).


Even though Stable Diffusion is currently new software, it still has gained considerable popularity among its users worldwide. The reason is that this software-based AI image generator makes it easy to generate images on an individual’s PC.

It is a free but powerful tool that can open countless possibilities for generating AI art.

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