Is Adobe Firefly Part of Creative Cloud?

Adobe Firefly and Creative Cloud: Understanding the Connection

Is Adobe Firefly Part of Creative Cloud

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Adobe Firefly is the latest advancement in the AI technology world. This art tool is currently in development, with its beta version released a few days back. Anyone familiar with AI-generating tools like the Dall-E, MidJourney, or Stable Diffusion will find Adobe Firefly similar AI animations generating tool, but it is easier to use.

So, please stick with us and continue with the read below to learn more about it.

Does Adobe Firefly Belong to the Creative Cloud Suite? 

Yes, Adobe Firefly is a browser-based AI tool part of their creative cloud tools and software family. Its beta model was released just a few days back, so its features and tools may change in the future if they release its full version.

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What Can Adobe Firefly Do?

Like most other AI art-generating tools, Adobe Firefly works quite the same. However, Adobe claims it is far better than the other AI tools such as the MidJourney, Dall-E, etc. It offers a text-to-image service, and users can add texture to their text.

Moreover, they can generate any image by just typing their imaginative input, and Adobe Firefly will generate it in seconds.

In addition, it offers the textures and text style feature, allowing users to add style to their text input description. Users can add metal, bubbles, or other textures and styles to their text for fun.

What feature of Adobe Firefly is not available?

The recoloring of the vectors with the text prompts is not available so far, but it will be available in the future. It allows the user to create different color variations of vector graphics using a written prompt.


From the looks of the Adobe Firefly’s Beta release, it appears to be a cooler version of MidJourney or any other AI-art generator. However, apart from that, there isn’t much of a major difference observed by the users thus far.

Perhaps the full version will clarify what changes it would bring and how it is different from the other AI art generators.