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  • Job Title: Deals Editor

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Ben Borthwick is the Deals Editor for BGFG. A keen gamer with over 25 years experience playing on PC, he's clued up when it comes to gaming hardware, tech and spotting a good deal.


Ten years as a freelance writer, contributing copy for titles like Official Xbox Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine and Edge as well as contributions to US Gamer and
Has contributed to a number of gaming books, including 20 Years of Tomb Raider and was a Project Co-ordinator on Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play.

After setting and running his own gaming website with friends while studying Media (Moving Image) at Hull College in 2005, Ben threw himself immediately into the deep end when it came to games journalism, and though the site only lasted two years, in that time he picked up a lot of skills when it came to writing about the world of gaming. While he'd spend the next three years at university studying Games Production at the University of Lincoln, he'd return to writing about games professionally around 2012 with a guide to Halo Reach's Forge mode.

That would then kickstart a freelance career of ten years writing about the games industry with a broad spectrum of work that includes, but not limited to - transcription, reviews, opinion pieces, copy editing, promotional copy, and a six month stint as the primary weekend news contributor on the Official Xbox Magazine website. Between this he also spent a little time as a Regeneration Assistant for the Hull and East Riding Community Foundation.

Perhaps his biggest achievement during his freelance years was having the honour to help work on Meagan Marie's Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play book, where they had the opportunity to work as a project co-ordinator and assist Meagan with a number of aspects of the project, including helping to edit interviews, proof reading and other tasks to aid in the production of the book. Meagan also asked him to assist on a couple of her other books around the same time, including a 20 Years of Tomb Raider retrospective book that she authored.
Ben studied Computer Games Production at The University of Lincoln and has a BTEC National Diploma in Media (Moving Image) from Hull College.

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