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Best Desk Organizers in 2023, including our best durable and best space-saving picks

We take a look at four of the best desk organizers in 2023
Last Updated on August 7, 2023
Best desk organizers in 2023. Image shows the text "Best desk organizers in 2023", next to a cute graphic of an organized desk on a purple and blue gradient background.

Messy desks are unsightly and can stop you from finding things you need, so why slow yourself down? Tidy and customize your workspace area with a desk organizer to boost your efficiency and productivity.

A desk organizer is a lot more than just a simple desk accessory. It can help you to optimize your desk space and create an aesthetic home office experience. Streamline your mind and your style by storing your office supplies essentials such as pencils and paper clips in a trendy organization unit.

This article takes a look at four of the best desktop organizers in 2023. Covering a variety of styles from storage drawers to side desk pockets to hold your paperwork and notebooks, there is something for everyone. Keep reading to find out more.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best desk organizer in 2023

The best office desk organizer for you depends on your needs and factors such as the space available to you, and the kind of storage you need. Do you need a stationary organization, or do you need somewhere to keep your files and binders tidy? Or, do you need both? Once you have established that, you can start thinking about the aesthetic, material, and color.

Ultimately, we chose four of the best desk organizers in 2023 based on a combination of features, looks, and price. This guide looks at a variety of desk organizers in different styles and materials to cater to a wide audience of organization lovers. Hopefully, we can help you find an optimal storage solution for your home office. If you want to start looking at the bigger picture, you could think about investing in one of the best desk chairs of 2023, or even a new computer desk to complete your setup.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Multiple compartments for storing items
  • Mesh design so you can see stored items more easily
  • Might be too compact for bulkier items

This compact desk organizer has a tray organizer, a compartment at the rear and three compartments slots to the front. There’s also space above the drawer for items such as sticky notes or your USB. It’s ideal if you need somewhere to store your pens, scissors, and so on. This organizer’s made from steel and is a mesh design so that you can see stored items more clearly. Its HxWxD dimensions are 5.5×8.7×5.5in/14x22x14cm. It would make a great addition to any desk setup, and that’s why it gets our top spot of the best desk organizers of 2023. If you want to further expand your setup, there are various matching items that can be bought alongside this mesh pen organizer, including magnetic storage bins and a pen cup.

  • Compartmentalized drawer for storing items
  • Mesh design so you can see stored items more easily
  • Rack might be superfluous for some

This desk organizer has a drawer that runs the length of it so that you can store numerous items. The drawer consists of two smaller compartments and one large compartment. The desk organizer also has an open space above the drawer for items such as writing pads or frequently used items. Above that is a rack for items such as folders, notepads or magazines so you can keep them neat and grab them quickly. The organizer is made from durable commercial-grade steel and is a mesh design so that you can see stored items more clearly, as well as preventing your desk from getting too dusty. Its material and design make this product very durable, and it should last you years as a reliable storage option. Its HxWxD dimensions are 13.8x14x9.3in/35×35.5×23.5cm.

  • Removes items from your desktop completely
  • Two large pockets for storing items
  • Might not be best suited for storing frequently used items

The DESK-AC08PG is ideal if there’s no room left on your desk, as it fits on the side of it. You attach a bracket to your desk and then hang a pouch on the bracket so that space is saved. The two pockets in the pouch measure 8.2×7.5×2.5in/20.8x19x6.4cm with a full length of 15.7in/39.9cm, so it’ll store various desk supplies. You can use it to store stationery items, your laptop and phone charger, notepads, and writing utensils so that they’re neatly tidied away. Furthermore, the dark gray color and sleek design blend well with most modern environments. The hanging installation with a simple bracket and hook system not only helps you save space, but makes sure you have a clutter-free setup!

VIVO is dedicated to increasing the functionality and ergonomics of workspaces, and you can check out more of their products on their webstore to make the most of your desk space.

  • Wooden organizer for a more natural look
  • You can set up the two pieces to suit your requirements
  • No backs on the pieces

This final desk organizer is made of wood for a more natural look on your desk. Two separate pieces comprise the organizer and you can position them how you want to suit your needs, giving you lots of flexibility and different storage options. You can store whatever will fit on or in it, such as stationery items, books, notepads, and more. This desk organizer’s HxWxD dimensions are 15.8x16x6.8in/40.1×40.6×17.3cm. As well as being available in a variety of natural wood shades, this organizer comes in different colors including white and purple. It’s a fun and versatile organizer that will look great on any desk.

Features and considerations

There are a few things to keep in mind when approaching getting a new desk organizer.

It sounds obvious, admittedly, but identify the things you use regularly so that you have them within easy reach. You don’t want to keep opening a desk drawer to grab them every few minutes, as this gets tiresome and irritating. Keep items tidy and organized but not out of reach.

Think about the size of your desk and how much space you can devote to a desk organizer. Do you need it to hold small items, or do you need it to act as a larger storage space that will file folders?

Finally, you can take into account durability and material. If you’re after a more industrial look, you could go for a mesh organizer, or perhaps choose wooden storage boxes for a more natural vibe. Keeping your desk clutter-free has never been such a joy.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Amazon Basics Amazon Basics Mesh Pen Holder and Organizer wins Editor’s Choice. This is because of its compact size, its ability to hold commonly used stationery items, and its stylish aesthetic – a lovely desk organizer for a great price.

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