Can Asus ROG Ally play Game Pass?

Get Game Pass up and running on the new Asus ROG Ally without any hassle

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The ASUS ROG Ally has landed on the gaming scene, and with it come several questions. One of the most common queries among gamers is: Unlike Valve’s Steam Deck, can the ASUS ROG Ally play Game Pass with ease? In this article, we will respond to this doubt

The answer is a resounding yes. Microsoft is not just a partner for ROG Ally in terms of its Windows 11 operating system. The ROG Ally comes preloaded with Microsoft’s game library and even includes six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free, which includes Xbox Cloud gaming for those who want to try it.

This means users get access to and full support of a massive library of games they can play anytime and anywhere, made all the better thanks to the superior battery life on the console, immense amount of storage, and its AMD RDNA Z1 Extreme processor.

How to get Xbox Game Pass on Asus ROG Ally

Accessing Xbox Game Pass on your ROG Ally is pretty straightforward and easy with the device’s onscreen keyboard or touchscreen capabilities. There’s no need for any hacky workarounds or loopholes as seen on alternative handheld gaming devices.

The first step is to activate your Xbox Game Pass on your Microsoft account. If you have not yet subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you can do so on the official website.

Once subscribed, you should be ready to go as soon as you log into your associated Microsoft account on the ROG Ally. From there, you have instant access to download and launch the Xbox app from the Windows Store. This app allows you to access your games and download any game from the vast selection available on Xbox PC Game Pass.

In essence, the ROG Ally gives you handheld access to PC gaming and allows you to dive into the extensive AAA games library that Xbox Game Pass offers, thus massively expanding your gaming options.

Other notable games launcher platforms, including the Epic Games store, Ubisoft Connect, GOG Galaxy, and EA app, will also have to be downloaded but can be run on the Ally with ease.


Can ASUS ROG Ally play Xbox games?

Yes, it can. The ROG Ally comes preloaded with an Xbox Game Pass, which grants you access to a plethora of Xbox games.

What games can be played on ROG Ally?

You can play any game, even fast-paced games like Forza Horizon, available on the Xbox Game Pass, plus any games on EA Play. Given that the ROG Ally is essentially a handheld computer, the possibilities are endless. The wide range of games you can play makes the ROG Ally a versatile and exciting gaming device that is worth every penny.

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