How to take and view screenshots on PS5 – The easy guide

Taking a look at the best way to take and view screenshots on PS5

How to take and view screenshots on PS5 text, featuring a TV screen with PS5 controller.

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Whether you are looking to capture an epic gaming triumph, a stunning visual, or a funny glitch, mastering how to take and then access screenshots is a valuable skill for any gamer. This feature not only allows you to capture your gaming highlights but will enable you to organize them for easy viewing. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to take and view screenshots on your device.

Like the screenshot feature, the Sony PS5 has so many new and interesting sharable features that make the console just that little bit more enjoyable. We also have easy-to-follow guides on how to gameshare with friends and how to share PS Plus on PS5 which are worth checking out.

Step-by-Step Guide


How to take screenshots on PS5



Prepare for the screenshot

While playing a game or navigating the PS5 interface, decide on the moment or screen you want to capture.

Ensure that the scene you want to capture is currently displayed on your screen.



Use the Create button

Press the ‘Create’ button on your DualSense controller. This button is located to the left of the touchpad and is marked by three overlapping lines.

Pressing the ‘Create’ button opens a menu with various content creation options.

A close-up view of a red DualSense controller, with the 'Create' button highlighted within a yellow circle.
A red colored DualSense controller, with its ‘Create’ button highlighted in a yellow circle © BGFG



Take screenshot

By default, the ‘Create’ button has 3 options, and here is how to activate them:

  • Press once to display the ‘Create’ menu.
  • Press and hold to take a screenshot
  • Press twice to save a video clip of recent gameplay.

In order to take a screenshot, press and hold the button.


Viewing screenshots on PS5



Access the ‘Media Gallery’

From the PS5 home screen, navigate to the ‘Media Gallery’. The ‘Media Gallery’ can be found in the main menu, represented by an icon with images and videos.

This is where all your screenshots and video clips are stored.




Browse your screenshots

Inside the ‘Media Gallery’, you will find all the screenshots you have taken.

You can browse through them, view them in full screen, and even edit or share them directly.



Select and view screenshots

Select the screenshot you want to view. You can enlarge it, zoom in, or view details about when it was taken.

The ‘Media Gallery’ also provides options to delete, share, or transfer your screenshots.


Don’t underestimate the ‘Media Gallery’

The ‘Media Gallery’ is an incredibly useful tool for all gamers. In the context of this article, the gallery allows you to easily take and view your screenshots and video clips from your time on the console.

In addition, the ‘Media Gallery’ saves all captured content and allows users to share this content within new and existing party chats.

Are PS5 screenshots saved?

Yes, all PS5 screenshots are saved once taken. PlayStation Plus subscribers can even save screenshots and video clips to the cloud, but this feature is exclusive to the PS Plus service. This allows you to access them from any PS5 console as long as you are logged into your PlayStation Network (PSN) account or the PlayStation app (PS app).

Can you share screenshots on PS5?

You certainly can. Once in the ‘Media Gallery’, tap the screenshot you wish to share by selecting the ‘Share’ option. It is also possible to select multiple screenshots at once by choosing the ‘Select Multiple’ option. Once that is all done, you will be given the option to send the imagery to a new destination. Then you are all set to send your best and most exciting screenshots to your friend’s parties. You can upload/share your screenshots on social media/YouTube by using the share button.


Having followed this easy and straightforward guide, you and your friends will now be able to take and view screenshots on PS5 whenever you like. Capturing the moments and gameplay that brought so much excitement is an important aspect of gaming that nobody should be missing out on.