How to share PS Plus on PS5 – activate console sharing and offline play

Make the most of your PS subscription

A PlayStation 5 console next to PlayStation Plus symbols on a teal background, illustrating how to share PS Plus on PS5.

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If you were wondering how to share PS Plus on PS5, you’re in luck. We have all the information you will need regarding how to share your PS Plus account, its benefits, and its limitations. Making use of your PS Plus membership and the PlayStation Network is easy, so let us talk you through the sharing process.

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Can you share PS Plus on PS5?

In short, the answer is yes! When you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can share a host of its benefits such as Online Multiplayer (subject to parental controls) and your downloaded free monthly games. You can choose to make your PS5 your primary console for your PS Plus, and you can also have one PS4 added that’s registered as your primary PS4.

The steps below will demonstrate how to share your PlayStation Plus subscription by making sure you’ve activated Console Sharing and Offline Play.

How to share PS Plus on PS5 – step-by-step guide



Open your PS5 settings

From your PlayStation 5 home screen, head in to your PS5 settings. The settings menu is located in the top right of the main screen when you load up your PS5.



Open Users and Accounts

In your PlayStation 5 settings menu, head into the Users and Accounts section. This should be easily identifiable as your user profile image should accompany the section. If your PS5 has multiple accounts, make sure you sign into the primary account holder’s user account.

Settings menu highlighting 'users and accounts' and 'share PS Plus on PS5' options.



Select ‘Other’

In the Users and Accounts menu, you will have the option to select ‘Other’. Follow this, and then select Console Sharing and Offline Play.

A user interface highlighting the "users and accounts" section with share PS Plus on PS5 options, with "other" and "console sharing and offline play" pointed out by red arrows labeled 1



Make your choice

In this menu, you will be able to enable or disable Console Sharing and Offline Play, depending on your preference.

A screenshot of a PlayStation 5 settings menu offering options for sharing PS Plus on PS5 and offline play, with the user being prompted to choose whether to disable these features or not.

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Make the most of it

Turn on your sharing, it will maximize your membership! When enabled, Console Sharing and Offline Play allows anyone who uses your PS5 console to play your games and access your media, for both offline and online play. You will also have access to purchased and downloaded games and content, as well as PS Plus benefits such as Online Multiplayer.

That’s it as far as sharing your PS Plus on PS5 is concerned. As for features that you can’t share, they include buying PlayStation Plus discounted items from the PS Store, online storage, auto patch downloads, and early access to time-limited PlayStation Plus game trials and demos.

Can PS5 accounts share PS Plus?

Yes, PS5 accounts can share PS Plus. However, this is limited to just your one current console. You will not be able to share PS Plus across accounts on different consoles. PlayStation Plus benefits that can be shared include Online Multiplayer, downloading games purchased with a PS discount, downloading Monthly Plus games, and access to the PS Plus game catalog.

Can I get a free trial of PS Plus?

Yes, you should be eligible for a free trial of PS Plus unless otherwise communicated to you. You will need to register a credit or debit card (or PayPal) to your account to gain access to the free PS Plus trial.

Do you need PS Plus to Gameshare?

To share your PlayStation gameplay in real time, both parties will need to have a PS Plus subscription. To start Share Play mode, you first have to be in a party voice chat. Press the PS button to open up control center, and from here select the party voice chat: press on start Share Play. Any member of the chat can do this, but you have to have a PS Plys membership to join.