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How to gameshare on PS5 – enable and disable

Share your game library with your friends
Last Updated on November 27, 2023
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Are you looking to find out how to gameshare on PS5? Sharing is caring, so don’t waste time or money buying the same game as your friend when you can just gameshare and have access to all the purchased games and media from yours or their PlayStation account.

Just before we take you through the process of how to gameshare on your PS5, make a note of our handy PlayStation maintenance pages. We have a full list of PS5 Error Codes to help you find any problem you may be having. We can also show you how to keep your console clean and learn how to remove PS5 faceplates, or how to fix your PS5 not turning on.

How to gameshare on PS5 – step-by-step guide



Head to Settings

Select your Settings menu from your PlayStation 5 home screen. This is located in the top right of the screen, between the search tab, and your user profile.



Find Users and Accounts

From the Settings menu, scroll down to Users and Accounts. This is the fourth tab down from the top, and will have your user avatar next to it.



Head to Other

You won’t see any options for gameshare in this menu. Instead, you will need to head into ‘Other’. This is located below ‘Authorised Apps’ in the Users and Accounts menu.



Console Sharing and Offline Play

From the Other menu, select the Console Sharing and Offline Play option. From here, you will be able to see what your preference is currently set to. If you want to gameshare. make sure you have “Don’t Disable” selected.



Log in

The last step is to log in with the account you wish to share with. Once logged in, you will have access to the full game library of the person you are sharing with.

✓ Mike’s advice

Choose carefully

You can only share access to your game library and purchased media to one other person at a time, so make sure to spend time before jumping into a decision. Once connected, you will both have full access to each other’s libraries.

Why is my PS5 gamesharing not working?

Firstly, check through the process above and ensure you have selected “Don’t Disable” in your settings. If this is correct, try restarting your console, or signing out and then back in using the desired account. Lastly, check the game you are trying to share is compatible with gamesharing as some may be restricted.

How do I send games to friends on PS5?

Unlike other systems like Steam, you won’t be able to directly send games as gifts to friends on PS5. Instead, you can use our how to gameshare on PS5 guide above to share your content.

Final thoughts

That’s all for gamesharing on PS5. As you can see, the process for selecting your preferences is very simple. You can follow these steps again if at any points you wish to disable gamesharing. Be aware that gamesharing will not permit both consoles to be playing the game at the same time, so if you wish to lay multiplayer together, this will not work.

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