PlayStation Portal release date, specs, price – all you need to know

Here's the rundown of the PlayStation Portal

Playstation Portal is an upcoming gaming console that has generated significant excitement due to its release date. Gamers eagerly await the announcement of its official launch, accompanied by detailed specifications and pricing information. Stay tuned

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Sony’s handheld streaming device has started rolling out into the hands of gamers, so we’re checking out the PlayStation Portal release date, specs, and price. The small-screen Remote Play solution is essentially an 8″ LCD screen slotted between a DualSense controller, that brings your PS5 gaming straight into your lap. Unlike other handheld consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Deck, the Sony PlayStation Portal doesn’t natively run games, but that doesn’t stop gamers from being intrigued about when the Portal comes out, what specs it offers, and how much it’ll cost them to get one. Read on to find out all you need to know about the launch of Sony’s next-gen controller, the PlayStation Portal remote player.

PlayStation Portal release date

As one of the most longstanding and popular consoles out there, gamers are always invested in the accessories and add-ons that you can get for your PlayStation. While there might be other options out there that possibly offer you a similar Remote Play experience, such as the Backbone One, the PlayStation Portal is a unique solution to Remote Play that’s a blend between a console and a Dual Sense controller.

Previously codenamed Project Q, fans were unsure of what to expect from the Portal, although it seems they haven’t been disappointed given that the device has been largely sold out since its launch date of the 15th of November, 2023 has finally passed us by and pre-orders have been rolling out. iIt’s worth noting that due to the current high demand for the device, availability on online platforms is hard to come by: we recommend that you keep an eye on our PS Portal stock tracker to see where in your region you might be able to finally add one to your basket.

PlayStation Portal specs

SpecsPlayStation Portal
Screen8-inch LCD (Full HD)
Resolution1080p at 60 FPS
Weight529 grams
ConnectivityPlayStation Link
DualSense Wireless Controller Featureshaptic feedback and adaptive triggers
Specs table for the PlayStation Portal

For players seeking a simple, dedicated tool for streaming games around their homes, you might have found a match with the PlayStation Portal. Its vibrant 8-inch LCD screen makes visuals and colors pop, and combined with the familiar construction of the Dual Sense, the Portal offers a delightful handheld alternative to playing your PS5 on a TV. While the specs may not be groundbreaking, after all, this is a device that’s been made as a companion to the PS5, and your main console will be doing the most of the heavy lifting.

As far as its build, if you’ve ever held a DualSense controller before, you’ll likely have a sense of what holding the Portal is like. The way in which it’s been built centered around the controller shows how the device has been made with comfort, quality, and extended gaming sessions in mind. Furthermore, you should be able to breeze through these long gaming marathons without having to worry about a recharge: one of the major advantages of relying on streaming as opposed to native rendering is the added battery life. However, streaming via a PS5 is really the only feature of the PlayStation Portal, and its exclusive use of PlayStation Link rather than Bluetooth means you can connect solely to your PS5. But if you’re after a Sony-created handheld to bring PS5 play right into your hands, the PS Portal won’t disappoint.

PlayStation Portal price

The MSRP pricing of the PlayStation Portal is $199.99 USD / £199.99 GBP, putting it on par with the DualSense Edge wireless controller in terms of cost. It could be said that $200 is a bit pricey for a single-use add-on for a console that’s already about $500, especially when there are alternative Remote Play methods that don’t come at such a high price. However, of course, you invest in the build quality and allure of a deluxe controller that upgrades your PS5 experiences.

How long is the PlayStation Portal battery life?

As there aren’t any details on the PlayStation’s official website, the estimate for the console’s battery life has been based on in-depth research and reading about the device from those who have had hands-on experience, and it can be said that you can expect at least 4 hours of play with your brightness, volume, and haptics settings on max, and should be able to stretch to about 10 hours with some settings adjustments. This is where its purpose as a streaming-only device comes in handy, as the fact that the PS5 does most of the hardware heavy-lifting means the Portal can enjoy a longer battery life than consoles that run games natively.

How does the PlayStation Portal charge?

The battery of the PlayStation Portal can be charged via a USB-C cable, that connects in through the back of the device. This cable can be handily connected to the front of your PS5, but you can use any compatible USB charging hub to re-fuel your Portal. It uses the same USB-C input as the other DualSense controllers, so you can use that for charging purposes if you’ve still got it handy.

Is the PlayStation Portal standalone?

Unfortunately, although Sony did make its own handheld devices once upon a time, such as the PS Vita, the PlayStation Portal is not a standalone console. As a streaming-based portable hybrid controller, a PS5 console and a stable internet connection are two prerequisites to playing through your PS Portal. This is because the Portal can’t actually play games itself, it is just a streaming device that’s an add-on to the PlayStation 5. It’s not quite the portable console that some might have been hoping for, but it does give a new lease of life to the Remote Play experience.

Final thoughts

Overall, as a purpose-built device, its build quality and functionality will offer you a next-level handheld game streaming experience, but you can’t get much more out of the PS Portal than that. It’s a neat add-on that can bring your PS5 gameplay from your TV and into your hands. If you’re not yet the owner of a PS5, it could be worth keeping an eye on our best Cyber Monday PS5 deals page to see if you could manage to grab one with a discount before you invest, now that we’ve passed the PlayStation Portal release date.