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Playstation Portal stock tracker – US, CA, and UK availability

A complete stock checker list for the PS Portal
Last Updated on December 15, 2023
Playstation Portal stock tracker. Image shows the text "Playstation Portal stock tracker" underneath the PS Portal on a blue gradient background.
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With gamers worldwide keen to get their hands on Sony’s new device, we’ve made a PlayStation Portal stock tracker so you know exactly where to head to get your hands on the hybrid controller. Following its announcement back in May right up until now, eyes have been closely following the PlayStation Portal. Sony looks to expand its PlayStation roster with its new unique handheld streaming device, that lets you play your favorite PS5 titles straight from your hands – needless to say, gamers are intrigued. Given that pre-orders sold out and current demand is high, you can check through this list of links to find out where the PS Portal is in stock.

PlayStation Portal stock tracker US

The official release date of the Sony PlayStation Portal remote player was the 15th of November, and pre-orders were flying off the shelves, showing the initial interest and popularity of the device. Despite there being other handheld streaming options for Remote Play, the PlayStation Portal offers Sony’s homegrown solution to a portable gaming console, made to be used via the PS5. However, following the popularity of pre-orders and the fast sell-out of stock, it seems that some resellers and scalpers on secondary markets are already looking to sell the Portal controller for inflated prices. Therefore, it’s best to keep track of official retailers where you can make your purchase, and you can find a list of them below, as well as the current stock level of the device.

As of the 15th of December, the PlayStation Portal is still sold out across PlayStation Direct, Best Buy, New Egg, and other retailers, but US players looking to get their hands on Sony’s handheld might see their luck change soon – potentially even today. For a short amount of time, it appears there’s a restock on the PlayStation Direct US, so act fast before the opportunity to buy a PS Portal passes you by once again.

So, keep checking through online retailers of the Portal for a potential restock over the next few weeks, or even days.

PlayStation Portal US retailersStock level
PlayStation Portal – Playstation Direct StoreIn stock
PlayStation Portal – Best Buy USSold out
PlayStation Portal – NewEgg USOut of Stock
PlayStation Portal US retailers

PlayStation Portal stock tracker UK

PlayStation Portal UK retailersStock level
PlayStation Portal – Playstation Direct StoreCurrently unavailable
PlayStation Portal – Amazon UKTemporarily out of stock
PlayStation Portal – Curry’sOut of Stock
PlayStation Portal UK retailers

PlayStation Portal stock tracker Canada

PlayStation Portal Canada retailersStock level
PlayStation Portal – Playstation Direct StoreCurrently unavailable
PlayStation Portal – Amazon CanadaTemporarily out of stock
PlayStation Portal – Best Buy CanadaSold out online
PlayStation Portal Canada retailers

When is the PlayStation Portal coming back in stock?

As of the 1st of December, the PlayStation Portal is still frustratingly out of stock across most of the internet. While the US PlayStation Direct store recommends buyers ‘check back in early December’, nothing seems to have come of this announcement as of yet. Moreover, it doesn’t point to a worldwide restock of the Portal – so, have your alerts set to keep checking the web, but you may end up waiting until 2024 for the Portal to come back in stock if you’re based in the UK, Canada, or elsewhere.

Other handheld options

Final thoughts

We’ll be keeping this page up to date with the availability of the PlayStation Portal, so make sure to check back to find out where the intriguing handheld gaming device will be in stock in your region. Unfortunately, it does look like everyone is still trying to get their hands on one, so the Portal is sold out across most retailers online. A few weeks on from its release, the Portal is still sold out pretty much everywhere online, but there are murmurs of hope that Sony will re-stock suppliers soon. However, why not take a peek into some of the PlayStation Portal alternatives in the meantime?

It’s also worth a reminder that unfortunately, you can’t use the PS Portal independently from the PS5 console: therefore, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on our best Cyber Monday PS5 deals page to see if you can get this premium console with a discount, to save a few extra dollars to go towards the Portal controller.

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