How to get Discord on the PS5 – integration and set up

Start using Discord on your PS5 now

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Big news! Discord on PS5 integration is finally here, having moved out of the beta testing phase and into global availability thanks to the PS5 7.0 software update.

A completely functioning Discord app for everyone is now here, and in this guide, we will show you how to access Discord, as well as one or two things to keep an eye on when setting up. So, no need to worry. Whoever you are, you’ll be able to use Discord on PS5 today.

Before we start, make sure your PS5 is up to date with update 7.0, as this is a required step for getting full Discord integration on PS5. If not ensure you carry out a PS5 system software update to ensure you have the latest system software. In terms of accessories, the dual Sense wireless controller has a built-in microphone. But you may want to consider our best headsets for PS5 piece if you’d prefer that setup.

Get Discord on your PS5 step-by-step



Link your Discord account

Once you have the PS5 7.0 update installed, head over to ‘Settings’, then to ‘Users and Accounts’ and finally, ‘Linked Services’.

Here, you will see the Discord option – select it.

Once you have confirmed you would like to link your PlayStation network account with Discord, you’ll be presented with two options:

Link your account by scanning the QR code using your mobile device camera, or select ‘Use Browser’.

The QR code method is the fastest option, but using your browser is also fine. Whichever, method you choose, you will need to authorize your Discord login and you’re done!

If you have linked your PSN and Discord accounts before, to display the game you’re currently playing, you will need to link your accounts again. This is so you can access new features for Discord voice chat on your PS5.



Use Discord Voice on PS5

Now that your accounts are safely connected, let’s see how you can use Discord to voice call your friends.

On the Discord mobile app, select the voice channel you would like to join. Swipe up on the ‘Voice controls’ and select the button ‘Join on PlayStation’.

A pop-up will appear, asking you which console you would like to connect to. Here, select ‘Transfer to PlayStation’.

After selecting this, you’ll be able to do the normal Discord functions from your PS5. For example, mute and alter the volume of others. See the name of your voice channel and of course, hang up once you’re done.



Pin Discord

Now that you are all logged into your Discord account you should now be able to see all your voice channels and chats.

To chat via Discord, simply click on one of your text channels and start typing using the PS5 controller. If you would like to chat via Discord whilst playing you will need to pin Discord to a side.

Simply click on the options button on your PS5 controller to bring up a sub-menu. On there click on ‘Pin to Side’ and select which side you would like Discord to sit on. That’s it, easy right?

Discord on PS5 error – workaround

Some users have reported an error linking their PS5 in the Discord app on PC, with it then not working on PS5. To resolve this issue, ensure you have linked Discord via the PS5 itself. If you are experiencing this error you should unlink and then link Discord via the PS5 to resolve.

When did Discord come to PS5?

March 8th, 2023. PlayStation released the beta form of voice chat on Discord on February 2nd. The upgrade gave those the ability to join Discord voice chats on their PS5 console. As well as, chat with friends on other gaming platforms. Sony announced that the PlayStation 5’s 7.00 update would include full Discord integration. This major update rolled out to PS5 consoles globally from March 8th.


Now there you have it! We hope our step-by-step guide has helped you set up Discord on your PS5. Sorting out an older console? You can also find Discord On PS4 – here’s how to set that up.