How to get Discord On PS4 – on a budget, or with MixAmp

We show you how to get Discord on your PS4.

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Being able to use Discord on your PlayStation 4 makes sense since it was originally a platform for gamers. While gamers are still the main target group using the platform, other groups of people are now starting to use it too. With Discord now integrated on the PS5 thanks to update 7.0, you’re here wondering if Discord is on PS4 too. Well, let’s get into it!

Initially, PlayStation previously released a beta version of Discord that could be downloaded on your PlayStation 4. This meant accessing Discord from more than just your laptop and your phone – Discord on your PS4, controlled by your PS4 controller. The beta is long since over though and everyone has global access.

However, it’s not quite the access available on the PS5. While you can connect your PS4 and show your PlayStation Network Status on Discord, you cannot transfer Discord voice chat for the PS4. This is a PS5-only feature. That being the case, we’ll show you how to officially get Discord on PS4 below. And then what you can do about audio.

Installing Discord on PS4



Link your Discord account

After Discord has been installed on your PS4, head over to ‘Settings’, then ‘Users and Accounts” and finally, ‘Linked Services’.

This is where you can link your Discord and PlayStation accounts together. At this point, find the Discord option and select it.



Link via QR code or browser

Once you have confirmed you would like to link the accounts you will be given two options: Link via a QR code or use your browser.

The QR code option is the fastest, however, using your browser is also fine. Select one of these options and authorize your Discord login. That’s it!


Installing Discord On Your PS4 (alternative)

PlayStation has its own platform similar to Discord called Party Chat, but it is lacking some of the key features that makes Discord so loved by many.

Here’s where the setup gets a little tricky. You will need some external hardware to complete this step, such as a MixAmp and a ground loop noise isolator. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to connect audio to your Discord server on PS4.



Connecting Audio To Discord On PS4

Turn on your MixAmp in its console mode. Connect your ground loop noise isolator to an aux port onto the device and plug the aux cable into it.

Now connect your USB cable to the PlayStation 4. Take the time to connect your headset to the MixAmp with its 3.5 mm cable.

Turn on your PS4 if you haven’t already and open the device’s settings. Navigate your way to Devices, then Audio Devices.

Find your headset under Input Device and select it. Now select TV or AV Amplifier under Output Device.

Go back to settings and find Sound and Screen. Choose Audio Output settings and set your Primary Output to Digital Out (Optical).

This will now allow you to voice stream through Discord on your PS4 while you play your game.



Dual Audio Setup

Now you know how to set up audio to Discord through your gaming console. However, this can be slightly annoying as it only allows you to hear your voice stream.

If you want to listen to both the voice stream and your game, you need to set up your MixAmp to your computer for a dual audio system. Here is how to do just that.

Connect the MixAmp and the computer with a USB and set the MixAmp to computer mode.

Use a 3.5 mm male to male cable to connect the MixAmp to the computer’s speakers.

Head to Discord and open your User Settings with the cog widget at the bottom left of your screen.

Find Settings then Voice and Video, and select your MixAmp as the Input Device. Choose the Output Device as your PC speakers.

You can now use the audio wheel on your MixAmp to alter the audio levels between the game and your voice stream through Discord.


Discord on PS4 – cheaper version

Okay, so you don’t want to spend on a MixAmp which can cost around $100 and have separate mic and headphone cables.

In theory you should also be able to use a laptop, external USB soundcard, a 3.5mm female Y-splitter splitter cable and two male 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables. Here’s how.



Connect external USB soundcard, laptop and mic

With your laptop powered on and logged into Discord, plug a USB soundcard into the laptop.



Connect cables to soundcard and controller

Plug your microphone cable into the mic input on the external soundcard. Then plug one of your 3.5mm male to male cables into the headphone port.

Then take your second 3.5mm male to male cable and plug it into your PS4 controller. Connect the other end of that to one of the split end connections on the Y-split cable.

In the other part of the Y-split cable plug in the first 3.5mm cable, connected to your external sound card.



Connect to headphones

Finally, in the single end of the Y-split cable (the remaining unconnected one) plug in your headphones.

You should now be able to play games and hear the audio AND speak to your friends on Discord – and for a whole lot less than buying a MixAmp.

Is Discord available on PS4?

Yes, although on PS4, voice integration is not included as part of the PS4 update (hence this article!). The Discord app arrived on March 8th 2023, allowing linking to the PlayStation Network with Discord.


We hope that you’ve found this article helpful in setting Discord up on your PS4. We hope that there will soon be an easier way to do this as Discord is primarily for gamers to converse while playing together. However, while we wait patiently for the full version to be made available on PlayStation 4 – as it is with Discord on the PS5 – the above method will have to suffice.