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Can you get Discord on Nintendo Switch?

Last Updated on April 26, 2023
discord on nintendo switch
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Discord is a well-known communication app designed for gamers. Since its release in 2015 as a platform for users to interact with each other whilst gaming, it has completely blown up. At the moment, Discord has over 300 million registered users and over 6.7 million servers!

Despite the app being targeted toward gamers, it has also become very popular with other communities too. As of today, Discord can be accessed on the internet and is available on other platforms such as iOS, Android, and Xbox.

You can use Discord on other devices too, even when Discord has not officially released compatibility with those brands. For example, Discord is yet to create a compatible application for PlayStation users. Despite this, there is still a workaround available to get Discord on your PS4 or PS5.

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, however, it becomes a bit more difficult. In this article, we will discuss whether or not it is actually possible to get Discord on Nintendo Switch.

Is Discord available on Nintendo Switch?

As it currently stands, there is no official method to access Discord on your Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, no app exists on the Nintendo Store nor are there any proper workarounds to make it happen.

You can, however, stream your Nintendo game from your Switch into Discord if you wanted to do a let’s play, for example. We have a guide here, to show you how to do just that.

Interestingly, in 2019 Discord actually tweeted that they would be keen to integrate their app on the Nintendo Switch. It has been almost four years later and we still have not seen an update.

After this, Nintendo even went on to create its own voice chat feature for its customers instead. This is definitely bad news for those hoping to see Discord on the Switch.

How to use Discord on Nintendo Switch?

From our research, we have found that a few people have been able to get Discord on their Nintendo Switch. Although, this is not a method we have tried out ourselves.

We ask you to bare in mind that both Discord and Nintendo have made statements saying the app is not available on the Switch. As a result, do not be surprised if the method has a few bugs and the app does not function as smoothly as you would expect.

If you are interested, however, this is an example of how you can access Discord on Nintendo Switch. This Youtuber manages to use Discord through Google Chrome by altering the Switch internet settings.

Final Thoughts

To our dismay, there is no official method to access Discord on your Nintendo Switch. If you were looking to use Discord to connect your with friends whilst playing a Nintendo game, it looks like you going to need another device such as a smartphone or tablet.

In terms of the future? It is looking pretty uncertain. It is quite clear that Nintendo does not intend to integrate Discord into their device but of course, we cannot be sure. If there are any updates we will be sure to let you know.

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