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PlayStation Portal – where to buy (US, UK, Canada)

Here's where to buy the PlayStation Portal streaming controller
Last Updated on November 14, 2023
PlayStation Portal - where to buy. Image shows the text "PlayStation Portal - where to buy" underneath the PS Portal controller on a pink yellow gradient background.
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The hours until the release of Sony’s new handheld streaming controller are ticking away, so naturally people are asking where to buy the PlayStation Portal. Announced back in May, the PS Portal pairs alongside your PS5 to stream your favorite titles to its 8″ LCD screen, which blends with the form of a Dual Sense controller to create a hybrid handheld device.

Taking the power of the PS5, the Portal allows you to take your gaming on the move with you away from the TV and around the house. From the looks of things so far, the controller will be in high demand, so read on to find out exactly where to get your hands on a PlayStation Portal in your region.

PlayStation Portal – where to buy US

Here’s a list of retailers that you will be stocking the PlayStation Portal throughout the US, UK, and Canada following the official launch of the device on the 15th of November, 2023. However, given the expected popularity and consequential demand of the PS Portal, it’s no surprise that scalpers are already looking at re-selling the device at extortionate prices. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep an eye on our PlayStation Portal stock tracker, and make sure you can purchase through an official retailer.

PlayStation Portal – where to buy UK

PlayStation Portal – where to buy Canada

The PlayStation Portal is an exciting and innovative handheld gaming accessory, that pushes the capabilities of the PS5 to new heights. So, keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll continue updating this page with information on where you can purchase the Portal in your region. Remember, the Portal only works when connected through a PS5 console, so be sure to also check our Cyber Monday deals page for PS5 discounts. Purchasing a discounted PS5 can help you offset the cost of the Portal controller, and allow you to enjoy the full variety of PS5 play. Stay tuned here for the latest availability updates on the intriguing PlayStation Portal as stock continues rolling out globally.

How much is a PlayStation Portal?

The PlayStation Portal has an MSRP retail pricing of $199.99 / £199.99 / $269.99. This is the same pricing as the Dual Sense Edge wireless controller, despite the addition of an 8″ LCD screen. However, it is a purchase that you have to make alongside, or after, your buying of a PS5 console, that retails for around $400-$500.

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