Does Intel 14th Gen have integrated graphics? Yes, it does

Will Intel's latest generation of processors have integrated graphics?

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Intel has recently announced its highly anticipated 14th Gen processors, but does Intel 14th Gen have integrated graphics? The 14th Generation series of processors promises to deliver a breakthrough in both performance and graphics capabilities, making them a game-changer in the world of computing. However, one question that many people have been asking is whether Intel 14th Gen will have integrated graphics capabilities. It’s a must-know, especially if you already have a dedicated graphics card in your PC. In this article, we’ll let you know if Intel 14th Gen processors will have integrated graphics, as well as take a look at which of the Intel series already sport integrated graphics. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

Will Intel 14 have integrated graphics?

Intel’s 14th Gen processor, codenamed “Meteor Lake,” represents the latest addition to the company’s impressive lineup of processors. Over the years, Intel has made remarkable advancements in processor technology, with each new generation pushing the boundaries of performance and efficiency. The 14th Gen processors are no exception, bringing forth a host of innovations that are set to refine the computing experience.

Now that we’ve got the official specs for Intel’s 14th-generation series of processors, it can be confirmed that the CPUs will use the Intel UHD Graphics 770 iGPU. This integrated graphics solution was first launched in 2021, being based on an Alder Lake architecture and made with a 10 nm manufacturing process. The ‘K’ suffix on these processors indicates which CPUs will indeed include integrated graphics abilities, yet the ones with the ‘F’ suffix lack the addition of integrated graphics, lining up with Intel’s long-standing naming scheme. The Intel UHD Graphics 770 is a tried and trusted solution by Intel, and is up there as one of our top picks of the best integrated graphics on CPUs.

In its pursuit of superior efficiency, Intel has introduced Low Power Island E-Cores in the Meteor Lake processors. These E-Cores, located in the SOC tile, are specifically designed for tasks that do not require the full power of the P-Cores. By offloading low-intensity workloads to the LP E-Cores, Intel optimizes power consumption and enhances overall efficiency.

Which Intel series has integrated graphics?

The Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9 processor series have integrated graphics. Specifically:

  • Intel Core i3 processors have Intel UHD or Intel HD graphics built-in.
  • Intel Core i5 processors have Intel UHD graphics built-in.
  • Intel Core i7 processors have Intel UHD or Intel HD graphics built-in depending on the specific model.
  • Intel Core i9 processors have integrated Intel UHD graphics. However, the “F” edition processors don’t have integrated graphics.

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Overall, the integrated graphics solution introduced on the latest line of Intel CPUs is another reason to look forward to getting the processor into your system. Additionally, the use of brand-new Low Power Island E-Cores means that these integrated graphics are more efficient and perform better than any previous integrated graphics solution previously used by Intel. We’ll be covering all you need to know about Intel 14th Generation, so make sure to check back to PC Guide as more gets revealed about the price-to-performance ratio of Intel 14.

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