Where to buy Intel 14th gen CPUs and key retailers

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For anyone looking for where to buy Intel 14th gen CPUs, this article will provide you with the key details you need. We’re keeping an eye on the whispers surrounding the presumed imminent launch of Raptor Lake Refresh (or Raptor Lake-R) desktop CPUs, with the goal of getting you the links you need for when they are announced.

Intel 14th gen overview

Previously referred to as ‘Meteor Lake’, but now Raptor Lake-R given the architectural sameness, retailers and OEMs have access to the new CPUs from the big blue chipmaker from today, Tuesday, October 17th. This was confirmed by Intel in a press release on Monday, October 16th.

So, should you be looking for a step beyond 13th-gen processors for your PC with a Raptor Lake-R compatible motherboard, you’ll be able to buy Intel’s 14th gen chips from the new lineup very soon from established retailers. If you want to read a bit more about the new arrivals, check out our Core i9 14900K review.

Where to buy Intel 14th gen – expected retailers and pre-orders

You can now pick up the available Intel 14th gen CPUs at top retailers. Here are the links you need to get to specific processors, and we’ll be updating with more links as we find them:



Best Buy





How much will Intel 14th gen CPUs cost?

While 14th gen pricing was a hot topic in the run-up to the launch of the Raptor Lake Refresh, we now know that the prices are as follows:

  • Core i9-14900K – $599
  • Core i9-14900KF – $574
  • Core i7-14700K – $419
  • Core i7-14700KF -$394
  • Core i5-14600K – $329
  • Core i5 14600KF – £304

If you’re looking to buy Intel 14th gen CPUs for a build or upgrade, we do have some hints at future pricing too. It’s been reported by Wccftech that there’s an average 5% increase in recommended pricing (from 1% to 7%, depending on CPU). Intel’s 13th gen pricing will (of course) drop with any new announcement. So keep an eye on our deals section for discounts once any new arrivals are confirmed.

Will Intel 14th Gen be better?

In brief, we’re expecting performance improvements. Given that Intle’s next CPUs will stick with the LGA 1700 socket and be a refresh, there’s no dramatic architecture change anticipated. What we expect to be new will be improved clock speeds compared to the last-gen, as well as tweaks to core counts (P-cores, E-cores). This means the 14th generation form Intel should provide a solid upgrade, but not an overhaul in performance.

Will there be Intel 14th gen prebuilt gaming PCS?

Almost certainly. In fact, we’ve already seen one of these 14th gen prebuilt systems appear at an online retailer featuring an Intel Core i9 14900K. This means it’s almost certain that more will follow when the new CPUs are made official. Expect pricing of these to be $3,000+ for flagship CPU systems.

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