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Does Intel 14th Gen come with a cooler?

What's the situation with Intel 14th Gen and coolers?
Last Updated on October 30, 2023
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A good cooling solution is essential for any PC setup, so does Intel 14th Gen come with a cooler? Now that the release date for the highly anticipated Intel 14th Gen CPUs has passed us by, it’s crucial to consider how to keep your new processor cool. Cooling is a vital aspect of any computer system, especially when it comes to high-performance CPUs. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the cooling for Intel 14th Gen CPUs, so read on to find out everything you need to know.

Will Intel 14th Gen come with a cooler?

One of the primary concerns many people will have when purchasing an Intel 14th Gen CPU after its release is whether it comes with a cooler. Given that we can now confirm that we’re only getting K and KF models from this series so far, and these models don’t come with the stock coolers included. So, the Intel 14th Gen processors released so far will not come with a cooler. This is confirmed by this Intel support query that reveals that no K, KF, KS, XE, or X variants are shipped with a cooler.

However, it’s essential to note that not all CPUs in the previous generation lacked a cooler. For instance, models like the i7-13700, i5-13500, and i3-13100 did include a cooler when purchased as an official boxed processor. Therefore, if you prefer a stock cooler, it is advisable to wait for an Intel 14th Gen CPU equivalent to those in the 13th Gen lineup that came with a cooler. It is speculated that a little further down the line we will get a few more additions to the Intel 14th Gen series, but at the time of writing, we have no further info on this. However, it’s crucial to check the product listings, as not all retailers may include the cooler. Given that the 14th Gen CPUs will come with the familiar LGA 1700 socket, it could even be wise to check out some of the best LGA 1700 coolers in 2023 to give you an overview of what’s available on the market.

Do Intel CPUs still come with coolers?

Yes, most Intel CPUs still come with stock CPU coolers, though there are some exceptions:

  • Intel’s K-series CPUs (unlocked for overclocking) do not come with coolers, as they are aimed at enthusiasts who will use their own aftermarket coolers.
  • Some high-end Intel CPUs like the Core i9-10900K also do not include coolers.
  • Lower-power Intel CPUs meant for laptops and mini PCs sometimes come without coolers since cooling needs are reduced.
  • Prebuilt PCs may omit the stock cooler and use a custom OEM cooler instead.

So in summary, the majority of Intel CPUs aimed at mainstream desktop users will still include a stock cooler in the box for basic cooling needs. But high-end, overclockable, and low-power chips may not. When in doubt, check the specs/description for your specific Intel CPU model to confirm if a cooler is included or not.

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