DXRacer Black Friday Deals in 2021

Net yourself some solid savings on a DXRacer chair with these Black Friday deals

Black Friday DXRacer

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If you’re in the market for a new chair to place either in your home office or to put the finishing touches on your new gaming setup, DXRacer could be a fantastic brand to explore.

While DXRacer chairs of old may have been targeted at gaming enthusiasts, the fantastic comfort, lumbar support, and high quality materials have made them a main staple in the workplace also and a solid choice for you home workers.

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Usually, these types of chairs do come at a premium price point though, so any savings that can be had are always welcome. Luckily, that’s what this article is all about, providing you with the most up-to-date Black Friday deals on DXRacer chairs.

Below, you should be able to see the latest DXRacer chair Black Friday deals that we’ve managed to secure, saving you that bit of cash that could be spent elsewhere on your setup.

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15% Off

DXRacer 2021 King Series Modular Gaming Chair Extra Wide Seat Large Backrest D4000- Black & Red

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15% Off

DXRacer Formula Series Conventional Gaming Chair Mesh FD01 – Black & Red

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25% Off

2021 DXRacer Gladiator Series Modular Gaming Chair D8100 – Black & Red

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DXRacer Formula Series Conventional Mesh and PVC Leather FD101 – Black

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DXRacer Chair Collection Black Friday Deals

If you want a little info on the different DXRacer Chair collections available this Black Friday, here are some tidbits for you to enjoy before going over and inevitably making a purchase.

G Series

The G Series DXRacer Chair collection is the meat and bones of what DXRacer has to offer. It features the classic look and feel of what DXRacer chairs are known for and the loud colors that go along with it.

The main material of the G Series is PVC leather which is fantastic when it comes to cleaning and it’ll certainly last the test of time even under constant long gaming sessions.

Formula & Racing Series

The Formula & Racing Series DXRacer chairs are similar to that of the above G Series but offer some slight variations both in terms of looks and feel. They’re certainly more subtle in color variations with the main sticking to the neutral blacks with smaller accents being the color customization options.

The big departure comes in the form of the material used for the chair. Instead of PVC leather like the G Series, this Series uses a mesh fabric, mimicking that of racing cars and providing a little more overall comfort.

K Series

The K Series DXRacer chairs are aimed at a slightly different audience to that of the above. While they look similar aesthetically, they’re not only made from a totally different material, they also differ dramatically in the actual dimensions of the chairs.

Everything is larger with the K Series, from the backrest to the seat base, you can take advantage of a little more room and freedom. This translates to comfort and provides a little more overall robustness.

Tank Series

The Tank Series of DXRacer chairs, as alluded to by the name, are built for those of a larger frame and provide extra support both in the seat and for your back. They’re a little more subtle in color but still have aesthetic appeal, especially in the accents on the sides.

The main material used is polyurethane leather which aims to last far and away in the future, eliminating the need for you to go out and replace your current model for years to come.


The MASTER series from DXRacer is probably the most comfortable chair of the lot thanks to integrated lumbar support, removable head pillow, and replaceable seat cushion, all being made from microfiber leather to keep you pain-free for longer. This series is also the most succinct of all with limited color options and no real flair but with that comes a perfect opportunity to slot it into your home office with ease.

P Series

The P Series is widely recommended by your favorite eSports athletes due to their quality assurance and product safety as well as also having fantastic ergonomic head/lumbar support and high-density foam cushions, minimizing fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

There are no color options for the P Series but the black, red and white of the DXRacer brand is out in full force here and showcases how well the three colors work together.

If you’re a serious gamer, the P Series might just be for you.

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