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Uninterruptible Power Supply Black Friday Deals 2023

Need to secure your servers with constant power? You need a UPS, and we have all the best UPS Black Friday deals right here
Last Updated on October 27, 2023
Uninterruptible Power Su4s
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A good UPS is a lifesaver when it comes to saving server stacks, running PC systems, and other live loads of data in the event of a power outage. Looking for an uninterruptible power supply? Black Friday is the time.

If power backup sounds like something you need for your business, or just at home, then make sure you don’t skip out on the best UPS Black Friday deals. Great savings on a UPS could save you (and your data) in the future.

Best Uninterruptible Power Supply deals in 2023

Looking for a deal right now on a UPS? Black Friday isn’t here just yet, but we have found a few deals worth having a look at:

  1. APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA 10-Outlet/2-USB Battery Back-Up and Surge Protector, $219.99 (save £20)
  2. CyberPower – 1500VA Battery Back-Up System, $152.99 (save $17)
  3. APC BE425M Back-UPS 425 VA 255 Watts 6 Outlets, $25.86 (save $7.03)

Where to find the best Uninterruptible Power Supply Black Friday deals

Although they are rather unsung heroes in the world of electronics, a UPS can provide a critical power safety net.

With that in mind, you’ll find them at major electronics retailers, all of which will be offering comprehensive sales during the Black Friday period.

For the best UPS Black Friday deals then, shop around, but don’t forget that extensive stock and more sizable savings could be available from:

Last year’s UPS Black Friday Deals

Alright, if you know that you need yourself a UPS but you aren’t sure on what to get or how to get it, then just check out the very best UPS Black Friday deals here, curated entirely by the PC Guide team who know what they are looking for. Basically, choosing one of these means a quality deal.

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UK UK Deals
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Worldwide Worldwide Deals
More Deals Coming Soon!

When will UPS Black Friday sales start in 2023?

That’s the big discount question, and there’s no exact answer. When retailers begin their own sales, we’ll start seeing proper discounts on uninterruptible power supplies for Black Friday.

That could be a few days or weeks before Black Friday itself, Friday, November 25. It will depend on individual retailers.

Last year, Best Buy kicked off a week ahead of Black Friday itself, while Newegg started its own sales on November 22. However, it kicked off a pre-Black Friday sale on November 15.

Similarly, Amazon has its own phased approach to Black Friday, ramping up the deals as the day itself approaches.

How to get the best Uninterruptible Black Friday deals in 2023

There’s no magic formula to getting the best UPS Black Friday deals, but there are practical steps you can take.

Prepare: Researching ahead of time will provide you the confidence to spot a good price when you see one. Check out our best UPS buying guide for some top options and brands to keep an eye on.

Price-check: Whenever you’re about to buy during Black Friday, checking prices against other retailers is good practice.

It will help ensure you get a good deal, and give you an idea of stock availability too – that is, if you can’t find an item on sale or in stock elsewhere, it may be time to click ‘buy’.

Be patient: Like with many other products, some uninterruptible power supply Black Friday deals will usually appear early. But these may not be the best ones.

We’ll be following stock to help find you the best offers, but it’s usually worth waiting til later in the sales for bigger discounts.

Features to consider when looking for UPS Black Friday deals


Absolutely critical to getting the best UPS (and best UPS deal) is the wattage. For reference, follow this guidance:

  • 200W – Enough to power a gaming console and a PC monitor or small (sub 30-inch) TV.
  • 400W – Enough to power a gaming console and a large TV, or a desktop PC with a standard PC monitor.
  • 600W – Enough to power a budget gaming PC and a standard PC monitor.
  • 800W – Enough to power a midrange gaming PC and a standard PC monitor. Depending on PSU efficiency, possibly a larger TV.
  • 1000W+ – Enough to power a high-end gaming PC and, depending on PSU efficiency, a larger TV.


Maybe you don’t need a certain wattage now, but that doesn’t mean you may not need it in the future. Are you planning on upgrading a system? Or adding to the required wattage needed from a UPS?

In that case, you may want to look to get a device capable of a little more power than you currently need. Black Friday UPS deals mean you should be able to get more for less should you need it.

What is an uninterruptible power supply?

Powercuts and dips do less damage to electronic devices in the modern world, but they’re still able to turn off computers, servers, and other devices that don’t have backup power.

An uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), is effectively a chargeable battery. One which allows you to run needed devices until you can safely shut them down – or, if a power-cut is brief – until the power returns.

Are uninterruptible powers supplies cheaper during Black Friday?

Yes. These backup sources of power for electronic devices are discounted during black Friday – alongside the very tech products they help to keep running for longer.

We’d expect to see discounts of up to 30% at some retailers and will bring you all the best uninterruptible power supply Black Friday deals here.

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