Video Game Black Friday Deals In 2021

All of the Greatest Cyber Monday video game deals, Collected Right Here

Black Friday Video Games

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Gaming is one of the biggest pastimes n the world, and there is a stupidly high number of games out right now that are definitely worth playing. However, these games can often be expensive – so if you want to build out your games library there is nothing like a seasonal sale such as Black Friday to help you get brand new PlayStation, PC, Switch and Xbox games on the cheap!

Every single game we have singled out as a featured deal is a Cyber Monday steal either thanks to the quality of the game itself or the amount of money taken off of the game, making it a steal. If you aren’t sure what games to get yourself during Cyber Monday, these titles are a great place to start!

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Editor’s pick

Destiny 2: Beyond Light (Steam)

hot deal
58% off
Editor’s pick

Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition (Steam)

hot deal
50% off
Editor’s pick

Back 4 Blood (Steam)

hot deal
38% off
Editor’s pick

Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition (Steam)

hot deal
58% off
Editor’s pick

Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition (Epic Games Store)

hot deal
64% off
Editor’s pick

Borderlands 3 Standard Edition (Steam)

hot deal
77% off

Best Playstation Black Friday Deals 2021

PlayStation are a big deal in the gaming world, and the the launch of the PS5 has only elevated their position in the gaming world! We expect to see a lot of different video game deals come from the Sony powerhouse during Black Friday, and we will be collecting all the best ones right here for you!

Best Xbox Black Friday Deals 2021

just like PlayStation, The brand new Xbox Series X console has lifted the even higher in terms of gamers estimations – so make sure you have all the best Xbox game deals under your belt this Black Friday by checking out what we have found right here!

Best Nintendo Black Friday Deals 2021

All year round Nintendo are notorious for their rigid pricing structure, but Black Friday often nudge the Japanese gaming powerhouse into dropping their prices if only for a moment – so don’t miss out, and check out their best game deals right here!

Best Gaming PC Black Friday Deals 2021

PC gamers know that when it comes to game deals, there is always the titan of Steam to go to for reliable savings. But, if you want PC game deals from further across the web, we will be searching for you just to help you find every single PC game deal worth knowing about this Black Friday!

Where Do We Find The Best Black Friday Deals? 

When it comes to Black Friday, you can be forgiven for taking the attitude that you can’t be bothered. There are a tonne of different retailers online pushing their promotions pretty much non-stop, and a near unlimited number of products that have a discount slapped onto their price tag. That’s where the PC Guide team comes in.

We cut through the slew of rubbish being promoted during this season to bring you the very best deals in the tech world, looking through retailers like Amazon, Gamestop, Newegg, and Best Buy to make sure that all the very best Gaming PC deals are listed here, letting you skip right to the checkout.

However. If you have scrolled through all of our Black Friday pages and still can’t find what you are looking for then just drop us a link below. We will do our best to help you find what you are looking for.