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Cyber Monday DDR5 RAM Deals 2023

Everything you need to know this year
Last Updated on November 27, 2023
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If you are looking for the best Cyber Monday DDR5 RAM deals, then we have you covered right here.

Whether you want to build a PC from scratch or upgrade your RAM, claiming one or more of the Cyber Monday deals is probably the best way to save some cash. Let’s face it, for as much as the new memory standard impresses, DDR5 RAM isn’t half pricey. Fortunately, though, the rates are coming down, and we’re anticipating that the latest and greatest from all good memory makers will be brought front and center.

That’s what’s so exciting about the Cyber Monday DDR5 RAM deals compared to this time last year. The widespread availability of models has meant that we should see the deepest discounts to date over the winter sales events.

Cyber Monday deals are live, and we’ll be here to share all the best deals as they come in. Right now, you can find excellent DDR5 RAM deals for Cyber Monday, which are well worth checking out. We’ve shared these below and will continue to showcase the best Cyber Monday deals as they come pouring in today.

Best DDR5 RAM deals so far

Here are some of the top deals available on DDR5 RAM. As we keep updating this page with newer and better deals, keep checking this section to get the best possible deal for you.

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals
Save 12% now!


(2x32GB) 6000MHz CL30 Intel XMP iCUE Compatible Computer Memory – Black (CMH64GX5M2B6000C30)
Save 16% now!

Lexar ARES RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 RAM 6400MT/s CL32 Desktop Memory

Intel XMP 3.0 (Black) LD5EU016G-R6400GDLA
Save 23% now!

Crucial Pro RAM 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5 5600MT/s

(or 5200MT/s or 4800MT/s) Desktop Memory CP2K16G56C46U5
Save 35% now!

Crucial Pro RAM 32GB Kit

(2x16GB) DDR5 5600MT/s (or 5200MT/s or 4800MT/s) Desktop Memory CP2K16G56C46U5
Save 19% NOW!

Lexar THOR 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 RAM

6000MT/s CL32 1.3V Desktop Memory with Heatsink, AMD Expo and Intel XMP 3.0 (Black) LD5U16G60C32LG-RUD

Where to find the best Cyber Monday DDR5 RAM deals?

You can expect to find the best Cyber Monday DDR5 RAM deals on popular retailer websites like Amazon, Best Buy, NewEgg, and other similar websites. As Cyber Monday is all about tech, you can check out retailers that specialize in selling gadgets and electronics for the best deals on PCs.

Cyber Monday DDR5 RAM shortlist

When will the Cyber Monday DDR5 RAM deals begin in 2023?

Cyber Monday deals are now live, so you can start eyeing products from a day or two before. However, the Black Friday discounts on products must remain the same, so if you think you have a good deal on a DDR5 RAM, you can grab it or check out the Cyber Monday deals that have been pouring in to snag an even better discount.

How to get the best Cyber Monday DDR5 RAM deals

You can get your hands on the deepest discounts by shopping around at various retailers. Keeping the price history into account and contrasting the asking prices of some DDR5 RAM kits compared to others. This can be done the easiest way through The Camelizer and Honey, two browser extensions that give you real-time data on the fluctuating pricing histories of many models.

Features to consider when looking for Cyber Monday DDR5 RAM deals

Here’s what you can consider while getting a DDR5 RAM –

  • Capacity – To make sure everything runs smoothly, you need at least 8GB of RAM. This is sufficient for light gaming, multitasking, and other tasks. However, if you want better performance, you can go for bigger RAM. For instance, some of the best RAM for gaming have 16GB or more capacity.
  • Speed – DDR5 RAM comes in many speeds, so you can go for the one that is compatible with your setup. Generally speaking, more speed usually translates into better performance.
  • Motherboard compatibility – Before you buy any kind of RAM, it is important to check if your motherboard is compatible with it, especially if you have an older build. If you are not sure, you can check out some of the best motherboards for DDR5 RAM.

Will DDR5 RAM be on sale on Cyber Monday this year?

Considering that there are already DDR5 deals happening at various retailers right now, we’re confident that DDR5 RAM deals will happen over this period. It isn’t yet known how extensive the discounts will be or what models will be available, but representation should extend to most major brands.

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