Version: 8.0.1

OCCT – Overclocking Checking Tool

This application will let you benchmark and overclock your system components.

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  • Up to 16-core support ( for instance, up to a Quad-Kentsfield or an Octo-Conroe )
  • Customizable tests ( Duration, Priority, CPU or RAM, … )
  • CPU and Motherboard detection
  • Monitoring support through 3rd party application ( i.e. MBM5, Speedfan, and Everest Ultimate Edition 3.50 or above )
  • Can produce graphs showing temperature and voltages during the test: Unique feature!
  • Multi-language support

What’s New:

  • Main: changed the minimum size of the window to better reflect recent changes
  • Main: Added the test start date & time to the test log
  • Main: more code cleanup
  • Main: Highly optimized UI startup time
  • Main: Greatly lowered CPU Usage
  • Main: Major code cleanup and optimization pass to the code base
  • Monitoring: removed “Nvidia” “AMD” and “Intel” from the device names in the usage graphs – AMD isn’t going to release a GeForce anytime soon
  • Monitoring: Improved the graph’s title by truncating only the test name, not the value, if there isn’t enough room for both
  • MONITORING: Updated and now with AMD Snapshot support
  • Monitoring: Charts have been completely revamped and are now single-line
  • Monitoring: if a value has a decimal part, it is now always displayed, up to two digits decimal
  • Monitoring: Voltages are now displayed as 3-digit decimal numbers
  • Monitoring: Tuned default sensor rules to better account for AMD CPUs
  • SYSINFO: allowed for multiline headers (especially useful for memory)
  • SYSINFO: added very detailed information about memory modules
  • UI: better layout for almost all test options
  • UI: Rewrote the test settings layout
  • UI: Added a test log to see what’s going on internally – and report more detailed information
  • UI: Rewrote test status indicator and summary
  • CPU: Added “Advanced thread settings” option
  • CPU: Added a “select active core” option in the advanced thread settings
  • CPU: Added a “Core cycle” option to switch active cores at a specified period
  • CPU: Added an option to invert active cores at a specified period
  • Report: lots of enhancements to the personal report ( looks & info)
  • Settings: Changed many things in the settings ( especially layout). This will trigger a settings file reset though!

OCCT 8.0.1

Fixed a compatibility issue with some integrated GPU – when only the memory usage was reported, OCCT would crash at startup.
Updated HwInfo’s version number

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