How To Add A Row In Excel

Keep reading to learn the fastest and easiest way to add as many rows as you need to an Excel spreadsheet with our step by step guide below!

How To Add A Row In Excel

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Microsoft Excel has grown to become the most popular spreadsheet platform in the workspace. Because of the huge variety of extra functions and options it has built in, it makes analyzing calculations and statistics far easier to analyze with Excel often doing much of the work for you.

With such a massive variety of features however it can sometimes be hard to simply find the most essential ones that can often be buried away under a few menus and icons.

Adding rows is a crucial part of formatting any graph or table, and luckily there is an easy way to add rows in Excel straight away as soon as you know how.

Therefore, so you can start a graph or table right away and add as many rows as you see fit, keep reading to learn how to quickly add rows in Excel.


Adding A Row In Excel

Here is the quickest and easiest method to insert rows into an Excel document.

Adding A Row In Excel



Open Excel File

You will want to start by opening an Excel document ready to edit. This will be found through browsing the files through your computer.

When you arrive at the correct document, double click to open it up.

If you instead want to start a new document, simply open Excel from the home menu and it will ask what you want to do and what type of spreadsheet you want to create.



Select Sheet

At the bottom there will be an option to pick or create a new sheet. Before you start adding rows, just make sure you are on the correct sheet so you don’t end up wasting time and inserting them on the wrong one.



Choose Singular Row

Next you will want to pick where you want the row to be. This can be done by right clicking on one of the lists of numbers to the left hand side.



Select Multiple Rows

If you intend to add multiple rows, instead of clicking on one simply highlight the amount you would want to insert from the letters on the left hand side.



Drop down menu

When you right click the row of your choice, a small drop down menu will appear with a few options to edit your cells and rows.



Click Insert

Halfway down the menu will be an ‘Insert’ option, click on this and a row will immediately appear above the one you have selected.

When this is done while highlighting multiple rows, the amount you highlighted will then appear directly above the originals.



How To Delete

If you find you have added a little too many rows or just want to get rid of the odd one, luckily this too can be done incredibly easily. All you need to do is highlight the row or multiple rows you wish to get rid of, right click, and beside the ‘Insert’ option will be a ‘Delete’ button.

Click on this and any highlighted rows will be immediately removed, ensuring there are no loose ends or irrelevant information.


Adding rows is an essential part of any graph or spreadsheet, and luckily is incredibly easy to insert on Excel just requiring a few clicks and menus. 

This not only makes it easy to actually start and set up a graph, keeping it nice and tidy, it can also be an efficient way to fill in any gaps quickly, or be prepared in advance for any further findings or statistics that may appear.