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Best Free Vpn For Firestick in 2023

Below we have the four best free VPNs you can use with your Amazon Fire Stick, allowing access to streaming sites and keeping your information secure.
Last Updated on April 15, 2024

Amazon Fire Sticks are a fantastic option to use if you do not want to invest in a Free View or Sky box. They are a useful alternative that allows access to many TV shows and streaming services.

Firesticks are a great investment as they involve a one off payment, and you do not need to pay monthly for the streaming services. You just need to pay for Amazon Prime if you want all the paid services, and to use the Fire Stick to its fullest.

When it comes to using a Fire Stick, if you want to use it for different streaming services, or to access the internet, you will want to ensure that it is protected. The best way to protect your Fire Stick is to use a VPN. While there are many paid for VPN you can purchase, there are a number of fantastic free options too.

In this article, we will be talking you through the 4 best free VPN for Firestick.

Products at a Glance

How we picked

When it comes to choosing the products featured, we carefully consider all of our choices. We have ensured to choose VPNs with the best features, and those that allow you to have the most protection and access to different streaming services.

While there are limitations to free VPNs, these 4 companies offer the most options and are not overly limited. They are trustworthy, reliable, and useful options to choose.

The four VPNs chosen are worth taking into consideration, especially if you are on a budget, and do not want to pay for a VPN service. These options are far better than choosing to use no VPN at all. In addition to this, free VPNs are a great option to use if you are testing out VPNs for the first time.

How we tested

When it comes to choosing the products featured, we carefully consider all of our choices. We have ensured to choose VPNs with the best features, and those that allow you to have the most protection and access to different streaming services.

While there are limitations to free VPNs, these 4 companies offer the most options and are not overly limited. They are trustworthy, reliable, and useful options to choose.

The four VPNs chosen are worth taking into consideration, especially if you are on a budget, and do not want to pay for a VPN service. These options are far better than choosing to use no VPN at all. In addition to this, free VPNs are a great option to use if you are testing out VPNs for the first time.


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Product Reviews

  • Good encryption - The encryption is safe and secure
  • Easy to install - This is useful when installing on your Amazon Fire Stick
  • Good accessibility - There are 10 servers available and good access to streaming services
  • 10 GB of data - It does not allow you to have an unlimited amount of data for free

Windscribe provides you with a good amount of freedom. You can access sites such as Disney+, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and FOX Go. This is likely one of the most important features you will be looking for in a free VPN.

The free option only allows you access to 10 GB of data per month. If you are planning to stream a lot, this may limit your usage slightly. However, you can pay to use their Premium service for more access and data.

In terms of anonymity, you can choose to sign up without an email address. However, the amount of month data you have access will be decreased from 10 GB to 2 GB.

The encryption used is AES 256-bit, and Windscribe features a leak protection and kill switch. It prevents your IP address from being seen, and it provides access to 10 different country servers.

In terms of performance speeds, Windscribe will lower these slightly, though it is not significantly different. It is easy to install and use. Windscribe provides unlimited simultaneous connections too. It also has malware and AD protection for added safety.

  • Accessibility - There is a good amount of accessibility when accessing streaming sites
  • No personal information - No personal information is needed to use this VPN
  • 24/7 support - The VPN has a live chat support service to answer any questions you may have
  • Limited servers - There are only 5 different servers to choose from which does limit you to an extent

Hide.me is a good VPN service for several reasons. Firstly, it places a strong emphasis on privacy and security, boasting a no-logs policy to ensure that user online activities remain confidential. The VPN employs robust encryption, includes features such as a kill switch, and guards against DNS and IP leaks, thereby fortifying the security of your data and identity. In addition to these security measures, Hide.me offers a network of high-speed servers across various locations, which is great for seamless streaming and fast downloads. Its user-friendly interface caters to both beginners and experienced users, simplifying the process of navigating the VPN.

The compatibility of Hide.me is extensive, with dedicated apps available for a range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and even Firestick. The VPN further supports P2P file sharing and torrenting, a boon for those who wish to engage in such activities discreetly. The provision of a free plan allows for a risk-free trial, and robust customer support is accessible through multiple channels. Additionally, Hide.me’s multi-platform support means you can protect numerous devices simultaneously, while its transparency about its privacy policy and terms of service enhances its trustworthiness. Finally, the 30-day money-back guarantee affords a safety net for users who wish to test the service without a financial commitment, further solidifying Hide.me’s standing as a reputable VPN.

  • Unlimited Data - This is great if you are planning to stream a lot
  • Good Privacy - The privacy and data security is very good
  • No logs policy - This keeps your personal information anonymous
  • There are limitations to some accessibility available when it comes to streaming services

ProtonVPN is a fantastic option if you are looking for a service that will provide you with good security. It successfully hides your IP address, and it uses ciphers and forward secrecy.

There is a no logs policy, and it is outside the fourteen eyes surveillance network. What is great about ProtonVPN is that it provides users with unlimited data, even if you are using their free VPN.

This is significantly more than Windshield and Hide.me’s 10 GB per month. Given this, you are not limited in the amount that you can stream.

While it does give you access to streaming sites, the access to Netflix is blocked, and there are only 3 different countries, and 16 different servers to choose from, which is less than the other options features.

The logging policy allows you to input minimal personal details, and the speeds of the VPN are reasonable.

  • Customer support - This is important should anything happen to the VPN
  • 500 MB daily - While this is a limited amount, you know that you have a daily allowance, which is useful
  • Military-grade encryption - This is great if you are looking for the maximum amount of security
  • Accessibility - You are limited with the amount of streaming sites you can use with Hotspot Shield VPN.

Hotspot Shield is another great free VPN. While it is only available on one device, it does provide users with military-grade encryption. This helps to keep your information safe and secure.

When it comes to the connection speeds, this is up to 2 Mbps, which is reasonable and will not slow your internet connection too much. In comparison to the other VPN options, you are more limited in the amount of data you can access daily.

There is only 500 MB available daily with the free option. While this is great over the course of a month, this does limit you if you are planning on streaming a lot in one day. You will need to use the paid for service if you want access to more data daily.

The virtual location is locked to the US, which does limit you slightly when it comes to streaming. The accessibility is not as good in comparison to the previous three options.

If you are searching for a VPN with good security, this is a great option for you. It features multiple VPN protocols, and an internet kill switch, which is useful. Hotspot shield is available on one device, and has support center customer service support.

Things to consider

Before you decide on a VPN service, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration, which we have discussed in this buyer’s guide.

What is a VPN, and How Does It Work?

It is useful to have a clear understanding of a VPN and how it works before downloading one on to your Fire Stick. 

A VPN is such a useful tool to have. It prevents personal information, such as bank details, passwords and your internet history from being stolen and tracked by hackers and businesses. While many people assume that Internet Security is enough to keep your information safe, this is not always the case.

A VPN provides you with an extra layer of safety, and stops your IP address from being seen. Instead, it connects you to a different IP address using different virtual tunnels and servers. Instead of your data being tracked, it will muddle the information and make it more difficult to be accessed by others.

In addition to preventing this tracking, VPNs allow your device to be seen as located in different countries. This is useful because it allows you to access streaming sites and content that is specific to different parts of the world. NVPNs have the capacity to be able to access certain streaming services.


The cost of a VPN is something important to consider. In this instance, all the VPNs included are free and do not require any additional charges. While these are free, some do offer a paid for service. Though you can choose to stick with a free VPN, typically, paid for VPNs allow you to have access to more features.

Whether there is a paid for service option is worth taking into consideration if you are looking to take your VPN to the next level in the future. However, free VPNs still provide good protection, and they are better than choosing to have no VPN at all. They are a great option if you are unsure whether you want to use a VPN or not. 

Bandwidth And Performance Speeds

If you are looking to purchase a VPN for an Amazon Fire Stick, it is highly likely you are going to use it to stream movies or TV shows. With this in mind, the bandwidth and performance speeds of your VPN is important. You will want to avoid your internet being slow and lagging as a result of the VPN you are using. 

When looking at the VPNs we have included in this article, they all have a good bandwidth and performance speeds. While all VPNs will lower your performance speeds ever so slightly, it is not overly noticeable with the four chosen. 

They are still quick to use when browsing or streaming, which is a great feature. When compared to paid for VPNs, they are slightly slower than these, but overall, they are good. 

It is worth remembering that the vast majority of VPNs do limit the amount of data you have available. Given this, sometimes free VPNs are not the best for streaming. However, some free VPNs do offer unlimited data.

Safety and Encryption

The safety provided when using a VPN is paramount, especially given that the purpose of a VPN is to keep you safe when using the internet. You will always want to ensure that you are choosing to purchase a trustworthy provider that has proven results and works successfully.

All the VPNs included in this article can be relied upon, and are not prone to hacking. Instead, they provide a good amount of safety and keep your information secure and protected when in use. 

There are a few different aspects that you will want to look for when choosing a VPN, such as OpenVPN and IKEv2. While all types of VPN provide protection, if the VPN you are using has these features, you know that it is particularly good. 


As we have already touched upon, accessibility is important when choosing a VPN. There are two different types of accessibility options you will want to take into consideration. 

The first accessibility feature is linked to streaming services. The majority of VPNs allows you to bypass certain settings that are in place for streaming services. For example, if there are TV shows that are only available in certain regions of the world, by allowing you to choose this region for your connection, the VPN can bypass these limitations.

If you are purchasing a VPN with this is in mind, you will want to ensure that the VPN is capable of doing this. While some VPNs can, others are unable to do this. 

The second accessibility is in relation to the different regions. As we have already discussed, VPNs allow your IP address to be changed. Many allow you to choose to connect to a different country. The number of countries available to connect to will vary depending on the VPN you choose. Given this, you will want to look into this before deciding on one to download.

Ease Of Use

As with anything you download, you will want to ensure the VPN is easy to navigate and use. The VPN will need to be added to the Amazon Fire Stick. Given this, you will want to ensure that this is easy and possible to do so. The options available to you should be easy to find and switch between.

Customer Support

When choosing a VPN provider, it is worth looking into whether they have customer support available. The majority of VPN providers will have 24/7 live chat support and assistance. However, some may also have phone or email support too. This is useful to have, especially if something were to go wrong with the VPN service.

Do you really need a VPN for Fire Stick?

While you do not need a VPN for your Amazon Fire Stick, it is useful to have. If you want to have the most security possible, we would recommend using a VPN.

Not only will a VPN help to protect your information and details on your Fire Stick, but it will allow you to access different streaming site content too. You can use a Fire Stick with no issues without a VPN, but it is safer to use a VPN.

Are free VPN safe?

Yes, the vast majority of free VPNs are completely safe. However, we would always recommend researching into the VPN provider you are considering before committing to downloading it.

While the majority are trustworthy, reliable and safe, there are a handful that are not. Given this, you will want to ensure that the one you have chosen will keep your data safe.

Typically, paid for VPN services are slightly safer than free VPNs. However, all the VPN providers that are featured in this article are trustworthy. We have checked them in much detail.