When is iOS 15.4 coming out? – Here’s everything we know

Want to skip iOS 15.4 Beta? Well you're in the right place.

When is iOS 15.4 coming out feature

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The odd thing about people asking “When is IOS 15.4 coming out” is that it already is out. Well, if the target iPhone is part of the beta testing program that is. Although iOS 15.4 beta is already out and available for anyone willing to navigate the errors and bugs associated with a pre-release operating system build, there are plenty of users waiting for the stable public release.

Speaking of when is iOS 15.4 coming out, the new Emoji iOS 15.4 updates are already live for beta users, although some Emoji is currently locked for reasons unknown. With iOS 15.3 taking care of some much-needed security updates, we can look forward to some cool features dropping when we find out when iOS 15.4 comes out.

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New Features – When is iOS 15.4 coming out?

We can look forward to some cool updates with iOS 15s feature set thanks to iOS 15.3 taking care of security (for now), here are some of the features we’re excited for:

  • Face ID with Mask: Although we’ve needed this feature for the last two years, Apple is finally putting Face ID with mask into action. This feature uses more iPhone resources than the usual Face ID scanning by paying more attention to unique features around our eyes. At the same time, this feature isn’t as secure as a full Face ID scan, which is a bit risky for some users.
  • Universal Control: This is currently used with iPads and Macs known as SideCar, a feature that allows an iPad to become a second screen and to be controlled by a keyboard and mouse. As of iOS 15.4 beta, users can now use this functionality with their iPhones.
  • New Emojis: There are seven new face Emoji and a boatload of inclusive and random Emoji additions this time around. Check out our news article here to learn more about them.
  • PS5 DualSense Support: Adaptive trigger support is coming to iOS, which should make Sonys Dualsense controller the go-to for any iPhone gamer.  
  • Vaccination passport support for EU: Health app now supports EU format digital COVID certificates.
  • iCloud Keychain Notes: Add notes to stored passwords
  • Apple Card Icon: This can be added to the Home Screen or Today view and can display account balances and spending history.
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How to get iOS 15.4 – When is iOS 15.4 coming out?

We’ve written a full how-to guide right here, but please bear in mind that this is for accessing the Apple Insider Program for beta builds of upcoming iOS 15 releases. It’s great getting hands-on with early builds of upcoming versions of iOS, but they’re not stable releases either. 

Error messages and bugs can be commonplace on beta builds, so we would recommend making a backup of your iPhone on iCloud and turning automatic backups on by going to Settings > (Your Name) > iCloud > iCloud Backup > iCloud Backup.

Users can also plug an iPhone into a PC or Mac and use iTunes or Finder respectively to make a local backup of an iPhone. Also, make sure that your iPhone is a compatible model. Normally, updates won’t be pushed to an iPhone that isn’t eligible anyway, but this may save some time.

For those who have an old iPhone knocking around, that is compatible with iOS 15.4 beta, it’s probably a good idea to test the beta out on that device to avoid any unnecessary corruption or general issues with a day-to-day iPhone.

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When is iOS 15.4 coming out?

Looking at past iOS beta releases, there are usually four to eight beta versions before a release candidate is released to developers and a public build becomes available. We’d usually expect a couple of months at the latest for Apple to go through their beta phase before releasing a public build.

With this in mind, we’re looking at the end of March or the beginning of April 2022. Although this would match up nicely with the usual Apple spring event, the iPhone event normally rocks up around September time. With that being said, there’s no reason why iOS 15.4 public release couldn’t line up nicely with a spring event. 
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