How To Get Rain Sounds On iOS 15

Here's how do the rain sound in iOS 15 devices!

How To Do The Rain Sound On iOS 15

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How to get rain sounds in iOS 15 is the oddest internet trend we’ve seen for a while, but it’s actually a really cool iOS 15 feature. Those experienced parents and carers know the benefit of sending their kids to sleep with white noise, we’d recommend the washing machine on a 40-degree wash. Now you can blank out the world for a while with ‘Background Sounds’

Background sounds aren’t limited to how to do the rain sound on iOS 15, you can also play the following:

  • Balanced noise: A mix of high and low-frequency noise
  • Bright noise: High-frequency noise
  • Dark noise: Low-frequency white noise
  • Ocean: Crashing ocean waves 
  • Stream: A relaxing flow of water?

How To Do The Rain Sound On iOS 15

How To Do The Rain Sound On iOS 15

It’s all part of a grander effort to make apple products accessible and useful for more users. You can even play background sounds on top of your existing music and video services, which had led to some interesting experimentation. Let’s go through how to get rain sounds in iOS 15:


Navigate To Audio/Visual

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual


Choose Your Sound

Tap Background Sounds and toggle it on, then tap Sound to choose which one you’d prefer.


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