How to go incognito on iPhone (iOS 15 Safari)

A little privacy please?!

how to go to private browser ios 15

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With different changes coming to iOS 15, so too has Safari seen its fair share of them. From the tabs being moved about the page and now, getting into a private tab is just that little bit extra complicated. Well, not really, but you get what I mean. Things have changed and now, we need to know how to get into the private tabs, for finding the best pictures of bunnies… right?

I actually use private tabs to open my work email on phones so I don’t have it logged in, so I’m innocent in this accusation.

If you’re looking for how to change the position of the new Tabs Bar in Safari, you can follow our guide for that.

How to go to Private Browser on iOS 15

Learning how to go incognito on iPhone is a pretty simple process but follow the steps below and you won’t slip up!

Open Safari Tabs

You’ll know how to go incognito on iPhone in no time.

In Safari, open your tabs (the two squares at the bottom), and where it says “1 Tab” (or however many you have open) with an arrow, press this and it’ll bring up your Tab Groups options.  Here, you can easily get into your private browsing mode, so you can keep looking at cute gifts for your mother.

Remember that Private Browsing does not mean anonymous and your ISP and Apple do have access to what you browse if needed, Safari just won’t keep tabs on it after you close everything. If you want to be anonymous on the internet, you’ll need to look into a VPN.

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