Apple introduces new colors for iPhone 13 (Sierra Blue, Pink, Midnight, Starlight)

Goodbye Pacific, Hello Sierra

iphone 13 colors sierra blue midnight starlight

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It’s that time of year again, where Apple provides the masses with all the juicy details on their upcoming hardware, and this time, boy has there been some nice little upgrades and additions.

Not only are we getting the iPhone 13 in its usual form, but Apple has also decided to release another smaller handset – iPhone 13 mini, giving you the raw power of that A15 Bionic Chip in a smaller form factor.

But, you didn’t click on this article to read about the new hardware additions, you want to see the new, slick iPhone 13 colors.

These differ model to model with exclusives coming to both the base iPhone 13 as well as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max versions. Let’s get into what’s in store for this year’s iPhone entries.

iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Mini Colors

iphone 13 colors

With the introduction of a new mini iPhone 13, Apple has also decided to mix it up when it comes to the colors of these new base models. Some are slight variations of the ones we know and love, and there has been some new introductions that might surprise you.

First off, let’s talk about the returning colors. You’ll be able to buy black, white, and (PRODUCT)RED which have been main staples for a while now but they do have name changes. Black has been renamed to Midnight and White to Starlight, just making them a little more fancy. However, if you enjoyed the Green iPhone 12 option and the new iPhone 12 Purple, good luck on finding an alternative this year.

Yes, Purple and Green’s life span has certainly been fleeting, and in their place comes Blue and Pink for the iPhone 13. These aren’t even close to that of the previous generation which has been a shock to most but either these models weren’t selling or Apple is trying to focus in the color variations and make them closer to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max versions.

iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max Colors

iphone 13 pro colors

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max colors vary slightly to that of the base and mini iPhone 13 entries. These are a little more subtle and sleek and the ones that we’ve become accustomed too since the introduction of the Pro lines.

If you want a direct replacement for your iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max, you’re in luck, as the iPhone 13 Pro will be available in Graphite, Silver, and Gold. However, if you’re a Pacific Blue fan, you might want to look away now.

With the iPhone 13 Pro models, yes, Pacific Blue is no more. But, Apple has replaced it with a more light and fresh tone called Sierra Blue. As shown in the product images, this Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro still offers Pacific Blue fans with an option but for those who were hoping for a darker option, you’re going to be a little disappointed.

What are your thoughts on the new iPhone 13 colors? Are you happy with the iPhone 13 Pro changes as Sierra Blue takes up the Pacific Blue mantle? Let us know in the comments!

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