How to turn off the flashlight on iPhone 11

How to turn off the flashlight on iPhone 11

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A smartphone is called like that because it is smart – which differentiates the device from the old phones that were popular at the end of the last century. Nowadays, your smartphone is able to do more than enable you to communicate with your contacts. 

While the iPhone 11 comes with many features that make our lives easier, one of them is the flashlight which definitely comes in handy while replacing the conventional tool. You no longer need to carry a big lantern with you when you enter a space with low visibility conditions. The smartphone in your pocket can lighten up your way.

While you figured out how to turn on the flashlight, for several reasons you might be confused about how to turn it off again – especially if you are under pressure or stress which comes naturally in dark environments. Continue reading our article as we teach you how to turn off the flashlight on iPhone 11. 

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Turn off the flashlight on your iPhone 11

If left on, the flashlight can consume your battery which will drain faster when this function is active. The light that is generated has high brightness and intensity, so the phone has to work hard in order to create this bright output. In survival conditions, you need to make use of every percentage of your battery’s level. 


After you no longer need to use your flashlight, it is recommended to turn it off. Doing this is very simple and you don’t need any complex knowledge or skill in order to do it. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.



How to Turn Off the Flashlight on your iPhone 11

Unlock your iPhone before accessing its function. You can do this by using Face ID, but the sensor might struggle to detect your face if you are in a dark environment. In this case, you can enter the passcode manually to get to your Home screen.



Once you get to the Home screen, access the control center by swiping down from the top right corner. It is important to swipe from this specific area otherwise you will access the notification center. 



As you swipe down to access the controls, you will see several options available. The active ones have a white background whereas the inactive ones are black. You can easily identify the flashlight icon by noticing its background. After you found it, tap on the icon in order to deactivate the flashlight.

Unlocking your iPhone gives you better access to its functions, but you can also activate the flashlight when the phone is locked. It might be difficult to unlock your iPhone, especially in low visibility conditions when the Face ID sensor cannot function properly. Or maybe you have your iPhone strapped to your chest or helmet in order to use it as a flashlight. In this case, you will also have a hard time entering the passcode. That is why you can follow the steps above without unlocking your phone. Additionally, you can activate or deactivate the flashlight directly from the lock screen without even accessing the control center. There are two icons situated at the bottom of your screen. On the right side, there is the camera button that will take you to this mode. 

The flashlight is also used in this mode, either for a couple of seconds when taking a photo or constantly during video shooting in the dark. But maybe you don’t want to record or capture anything and instead, you just want to illuminate your path. On the left side at the bottom of your lock screen, another icon allows you to enable the flashlight directly.

Final Thoughts

The smartphones in our pockets are capable of doing multiple things at once, and they are intended to help us in our day-to-day life. Turning your flashlight off is as easy as it is turning it on. While the method presented today allows you to deactivate it in less than a minute, voice commands are also enabling you to turn off this function within seconds. 

FAQs about the iPhone 11 flashlight 

If you have further questions about this function, continue reading as we answer some of the most asked questions by iPhone users. 

Why does the flashlight keep turning on?

Sometimes it is too easy to enable the flashlight and this option that was implemented by Apple for our own comfort becomes an inconvenience. If your flashlight turns on randomly when it is in your pocket, most likely it is getting activated by the button on your lock screen. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove this icon or the camera one from your lock screen. Apple still keeps them there for maximizing comfort on their user interface, so you will have to be more careful with the phone placement in your pocket.

Can you control the flashlight with Siri?

For situations where your hands are busy and cannot operate the phone’s functions, there is always voice control which will allow you to change some settings simply by using your voice. Siri can be activated at any time as the microphone is always listening to your voice.

You can say “Hey Siri, turn on my flashlight” and “Hey Siri, turn off my flashlight” respectively in order to activate and deactivate this function. This is a convenient method especially if you are dealing with a task that requires both of your hands.

How can you adjust the flashlight’s brightness?

It is understandable if in some situations you need dimmer or brighter lights. Sometimes the maximum intensity of your flashlight may cause too much light and the sensor will also consume more battery power. 

If you want to lower the intensity of the flashlight, all you have to do is long press on the flashlight icon situated in the control center. A screen will open, allowing you to control the brightness on different levels.