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Best RTX 4050 laptop in 2024 – our top picks

Here are the best RTX 4050 gaming laptops you can get today.
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best RTX 4050 laptop

If you’re on the hunt for the best RTX 4050 gaming laptop, we’ve got you covered.

The RTX 4050 is a part of the latest generation of GPUs offered by Nvidia. It may be the least powerful card in the RTX-40 series, but it is still strong enough to help you run the latest titles smoothly. These days, you can find RTX 4050 laptops that feature Intel 13th-gen or AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs, but some of them also come with old 12th-gen Intel processors. On top of that, these laptops are equipped with DDR5 RAM for fast processing speeds. As far as the display is concerned, RTX 4050 gaming laptops mostly offer FHD or QHD screens as the GPU isn’t meant for 4K gaming. For 4K, we recommend checking out some of the best RTX 4090 gaming laptops.

To help you kick off your research in the best possible manner, we’ve done the homework and have selected some options we think are the best RTX 4050 gaming laptops. We selected these laptops based on their specs and the value for money they offer to make sure you don’t end up regretting your purchase.

So, without wasting another second, let’s go through some of the best RTX 4050 gaming laptops currently available in the market.

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How we picked

We’ve used our expertise to find the best RTX 4050 gaming laptops available in the market. We researched, compared, and then shortlisted what we think are the best laptops with the RTX 4050 graphic card. These laptops have been selected based on their specs, features, and the value for money they offer. On top of that, we’re always looking for new options in the market, so make sure to check back here to find more laptops powered by the RTX 4050.

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  • RTX 4050 GPU
  • 16GB DDR5 RAM
  • 144Hz display
  • Screen is not that bright

Although there are other gaming laptop selections on this page with more powerful processors, the Acer Nitro 5 has one of the highest TGP RTX 4050 laptop GPUs we’ve seen so far, which alone makes it one of the best in-game performers. It even performs as well as some lower-powered RTX 3060 laptop models, and that’s before the benefits of DLSS 3.0 are taken into account. You get 16GG of the latest DDR5 RAM, which is all you need on an affordable machine like this, plus 512GB of SSD storage.

The 144Hz maximum fresh rate is again all you need for gaming at this level, and a 1080p 15.6” display is all you’re likely to get at this budget. Looking at the other screen specs, the average response time hits at around 17ms gray-to-gray, which isn’t great, but it’s pretty standard across gaming laptops at this price point. Similarly, the 60% sRGB color coverage and 29 0nits peak brightness aren’t very good results, but they are not untypical. The contrast ratio of 1700:1 is, however, above average.

Besides this, the build quality of the Acer Nitro 5 is pretty solid for a cheaper machine, and it deserves to be one of the best Acer gaming laptops. The battery life hits at around 4 hours, which isn’t great but, again, fairly standard, and it’s a reasonably nice-looking machine.

  • Powerful Intel Core 12650H CPU for the price
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Budget laptop
  • Mediocre battery life

This MSI Thin GF63 is one of the cheapest RTX 4050 gaming laptops in the market. Although the machine comes with a powerful (for the price) Intel Core 12650H processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, plus a 144Hz display – all of which are good specs, it falls down majorly in a couple of other areas.

The main drawback is that, despite the general 35-115W claim, the actual TGP of the laptop is only 45W TGP, which really drags down its gaming performance considerably, even with the CPU.

The display is slightly worse than the other picks on this page, with a response time of around 19ms gray-to-gray, 53% sRGB coverage, 250 nits of brightness, and a lackluster contrast ratio of around 1000:1. On top of this, though, you get a mediocre battery life of around 4 hours, plus flimsy build quality. In case you want to explore more options from the same brand, check out our top picks for the best MSI gaming laptops.

  • 16GB RAM
  • Great battery life
  • Storage may be low for some users

If you’re after a gaming laptop powered by an AMD CPU, then the Ryzen 7 7735HS processor this model comes with is about the same power level in benchmarks as the previous-gen Intel Core 12650H, which is a good result. The RTX 4050 is another high-TGP variant as well, meaning good gaming performance overall.

Like some of the best Lenovo gaming laptops, the Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 laptop comes with 16GB of DDR5 RAM, which is nice, plus a 512GB SSD. Again, the screen isn’t great in terms of response time, brightness, or color gamut (limited to around 50% sRGB), but this is pretty much what you’d expect at this price point.

The display on this device is limited to 120Hz, which is obviously less than our top pick. However, the noticeable difference between this and a 144Hz laptop will be limited. The battery life on this laptop is also superior, clocking in at up to around 6 hours of web browsing, which adds to its utility as a general-purpose machine outside of gaming.

  • RTX 4050 GPU
  • OLED display with excellent contrast
  • Design may not be for everyone

The Gigabyte AERO 14 OLED is a terrific 14-inch RTX 4050 laptop if you want a machine you can do creative work on, such as picture and video editing, and is even suitable for light gaming with its 90Hz refresh rate. The RTX 4050 it comes paired with is admittedly the lowest-powered on this page in TGP terms, but given its designed purpose, it is still adequate. You get a couple of different CPU options, including an older Intel 12th Gen 12500H or a newer, more powerful 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700H for more money. The 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM is very nice, as is the 1TB of SSD storage. The port coverage is good, as is the quality of the keyboard, and it has reasonable build quality overall. At around 7 hours of general use/web browsing, the battery life is better than any other laptop on this page.

Looking at the screen, the 2880 x 1800 (i.e., 3K) resolution gives a nice sharp image, and the contrast (as you’d expect from an OLED screen) is superb – far above what a conventional IPS screen could manage. The brightness is good enough at 430nits (though reportedly it reaches 600 when viewing HDR content) for the laptop to be used outdoors. Color gamut coverage covers 100% sRGB and 99% DCI-P3, and it is also (generally) very color accurate, meaning you can use it to complete work in either of these spectrums to a professional level.

The one caveat about this, however, is that the accuracy only stretches up to the calibrated brightness of 161.348 cd/m², and anything above this, the display loses substantial accuracy, so be aware you will have to limit yourself to this brightness when doing such workflows. All-in-all, though, this is a fantastic machine, and it deserves to be one of the best Gigabyte gaming laptops.

How to pick the best RTX 4050 laptop

Here are a few things you should consider before making a final decision.


Make sure you’re getting a laptop that has an Intel 13th-gen processor that can handle CPU-intensive tasks smoothly. You can even find some options with Ryzen 7 processors. The CPU is going to contribute the most to the overall performance of your laptop, so make sure to choose a powerful one. Check out our top picks for the best Intel 13th-gen laptops in case you want to explore more laptops with similar processors.


For gaming, like some of the best gaming laptops, you want to go for at least a 15-inch screen, as things start feeling on anything lower than this. Furthermore, if you’re into fast-paced games, make sure the display has at least a 120Hz refresh rate. If you’re planning to use it outdoors, you’d want a laptop with a screen that has a maximum brightness of above 300 nits.


When it comes to battery, gaming laptops are generally not that great compared to regular laptops. However, don’t settle for a laptop that only lasts for around two hours after a full charge. You’d want to go for an RTX 4050 gaming laptop that does not require you to plug in the charger for at least five to six hours.


If you’re planning to keep your laptop at home, opt for whichever laptop you like. But if you’re going to carry it around every day, go with a model that is lightweight. Otherwise, you’ll get tired of carrying it around, as some laptops can weigh more than 3.5 kg. In case you want to explore some lightweight options, check out our top picks for the best lightweight laptops.

Are RTX 4050 laptops worth buying?

As far as gaming goes: if you can pick up an RTX 4050 laptop at a decent price, you’re content with a budget gaming experience, and you make sure you don’t buy a variant that’s got a low TGP, then they can definitely be worth buying.

Although the RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti series of the previous gen were disappointing, this latest range outperforms them both substantially, particularly when the benefits of DLSS 3.0 can be brought into play.

Is the RTX 4050 good for 4K gaming?

The RTX 4050 will struggle in 4K gaming as it is an entry-level card. However, it can run games smoothly at 1080p and 1440p resolutions.

Our Verdict

We think that the Acer Nitro 5 is the best RTX 4050 gaming laptop currently available in the market. With a powerful GPU paired with a decent processor and RAM, this machine can run the latest titles smoothly without any lag,