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Best Triple Monitor Stand in 2024

Five Reviews of Awesome Triple Monitor Stands
Last Updated on January 25, 2024
best triple monitor stand

Not so long ago, the only time you’d see a three-monitor setup was in NASA control rooms and Hollywood hacker movies like Swordfish and The Matrix, but recently, the tri-monitor system has found a certain amount of proliferation for everyday applications.

Creators required to run multiple programs at once, writers that need multiple sources visible at all times, and gamers that need a larger field of vision all rely on multiple-screen computer systems, but these expansive setups aren’t without their issues.

Creating display continuity is nigh on impossible, and numerous footprints take up valuable desktop real estate, that is unless you invest in a triple monitor stand. They’re not the easiest item to shop for, but to help kickstart your search, we’ve reviewed five of the best you can buy.


Products at a Glance

How We Picked

At PC Guide, we’ve been experimenting with multi-screen gaming for years, and needless to say, we’ve picked up a few things along the way. Tri-monitor stands are the kind of products you learn what you need via encounters with lesser designs that don’t quite cut it, leaving you perplexed, irritated, and out of pocket. The products we’ve chosen for this article, in our opinion, have best addressed common issues in earlier and even some modern designs.

Through expansive flexibility, ever-shrinking footprints, out-of-this-world tensile strength, and innovative design, each of our reviewed products in some way make gaming with three monitors, not just possible, but easy, practical, and efficient. By focusing first on core functionality before assessing compatibility with different setups, we managed to compile a highly versatile list of products that should include a little something for everyone.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Telescopic arms
  • Can hold three 27” monitors, but can be expanded to hold six monitors
  • Quick-release pivots make set up a walk in the park
  • Highly adjustable angles
  • No pad under base plate, so you may need a protective layer to prevent desk scratches

Setting up a tri-screen array can often be an infuriating and fickle task, but this Ergotech stand makes the whole experience a total breeze. Utilizing patented quick-release pivots, you can mount all three monitors in seconds, and once they’re secured you have an impressive amount of freedom of movement, enabling you to find the perfect angle to achieve gaming excellence. With telescopic arms capable of holding three 27” monitors, you can expand your gaming visuals to an epic 81” across, and what’s more, Ergotech is so confident in their product that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Featuring Ergotech’s patented quick-release pivots, both setting up and disassembling your array with this monitor stand couldn’t be easier, but before you even get to that point, installation is an incredibly simple process. The spinal pole slips into the base and is secured with a set screw and included Allen key. The crossbar slides into the pole where it’s tightened with a pull-clamp, and voila!

Once your monitors are loaded on the crossbar, you’re afforded enormous amounts of mobility to customize viewing angle, including 30” vertical adjustments, 25° tilt functions either way and a 360° swivel. This highly tweakable design makes handling three monitors no more difficult than one and ensures comfortability no matter what you’re viewing needs are.

The arms on this stand are telescopic, which doesn’t just give them a great amount of versatility in regards to the monitors they can hold but makes this stand a very space-friendly design in storage too. Each arm extends 5”, giving you the capacity to set up three 27” monitors flush next to one another amounting to 81” of screen real estate. That’s just shy of a golden eagle’s wingspan!

  • Curved cockpit-style array
  • Very small mountable base plate streamlines your desk
  • Huge amounts of adjustability
  • Pretty good price
  • May not arrive aligned out the box, so you might have to reassemble the central mount before setting up.

The EZM Deluxe is a fantastic horizontal space saver. With such an impressively small footprint, your lateral desktop space will practically double, giving you room for decorative or technological additions to your gaming environment. Via the 75 x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm VESA mount, the EZM Deluxe is compatible with almost any widescreen monitor and has the capacity to hold three 28” curved monitors. Speaking of curves, the arms are arched so that your array envelops you in a cockpit-style configuration, making gaming a truly immersive experience.

Measuring only 12” across and 14” deep, this EZM stand has one of the smallest footprints you’ll find in a tri-monitor design, freeing up huge amounts of valuable desk space for the things you always wanted to work into your setup but never could.

Even though the base plate is small, it’s heavily weighted, so there’s no need to worry about it being robust enough to handle three monitors, but if you’d still like a bit of assurance, it can be fully grommet-mounted to your desk.

With curved arms that arch your monitors around you in a cockpit-style array, you’ll feel like you’re at the helm of some kind of hyper-futuristic space shuttle. As the screens physically fill your peripherals, this stand is all about facilitating next-level immersive gaming experiences.

In terms of adjustability, the center mounting head can be tilted or swiveled 30 degrees, and outside mounting heads have 180-degree tilt and swivel functions. Each monitor can be height adjusted by 1” while the main crossbar and pole handle large-scale vertical alignment, giving you plenty of independent and united monitor movement.

  • Tiny footprint
  • Can be clamped or drill mounted to your desk
  • Highly flexible design with smooth motion joints
  • Fantastic price
  • Not as robust as other designs. Can only hold 15.4lbs per arm

Our third pick for turning those separate screen entities into veritable amoebae of gaming brilliance is the TechOrbit Three Monitor Stand Mount. A small stand footprint is nice, but TechOrbit has taken things a step further and reduced the room required by the base to practically nothing.

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to streamline your desk, this TechOrbit stand is the space-friendly solution you’ve been dreaming of. Rather than utilizing a traditional base plate, this tri-monitor stand either clamps to the back of – or if you’d prefer – mounts through your desk. The highly articulate gas spring arms offer vast and instantaneous options in regards to adjustability, allowing you to easily alter viewing angles throughout the day to eliminate glare or to keep you comfortable during those long stints behind the desk. It’s not quite as robust as some other more traditional designs, but this stand’s versatility and innovative design make it a serious contender nonetheless.

The least intrusive way to install this stand is to simply clamp it onto the back edge of your desk, but if the depth of your desk creates too much of a gulf between you and the monitors, with some quick drill work, you can grommet-mount it straight to your desk.

One of the best parts of this design is the hyper-articulate aluminum gas-spring arms. In fact, they facilitate more viewing angles than any other stand on our list. With three flex points in each arm, you get an insane 90° tilt function, 21” vertical adjustment, and full portrait/landscape rotatability. You can even pull and push each lateral monitor forward or back to suit the task at hand.

You may also be happy to hear that this TechOrbit stand can safely hold three 30” widescreen monitors, which is highly impressive considering how space-friendly and unimposing the design is. Do keep in mind, though, that each arm has a weight-bearing capacity of 15.4lbs. Some 30” displays can weigh as much as 30lbs.

  • Cable threading loops
  • Integrated USB and audio ports in base
  • Can hold three 32” monitors
  • Super articulate and smooth movement
  • Not quite as robust as advertised
  • Loses flexibility when holding three 32” monitors
  • Difficult to follow instructions

Our penultimate pick for tri-monitor perfection is strikingly similar in design to our third pick in that it features gas spring-powered arms you can easily manipulate in almost any way, it can be clamped or grommet-mounted to your desk, and it has 3 main articulation points along each arm.

This kind of fluid articulation is rarely found at this price tag if at all, so if you need to make little adjustments throughout your day, this is the perfect device for you. Each VESA mount has a fully rotational orientation, allowing you to set each monitor in landscape or portrait. Each mount is also capable of 90° tilts both up and down, so you can fully recline and still have clear visuals on your game.

It’s advertised that it can hold three 32” monitors, which is perfectly true, but this setup maxes out its reach, sacrificing some flexibility such as forward/backward pivot. It’s also a good idea not to test its weight capacity, as it puts a lot of pressure on the base. In fact, sometimes it will struggle to hold monitors up to its 15.4 lbs capacity, so we’d recommend pairing it only with particularly light monitors. It’s a little disappointing, but all in all, this is a fantastic tri-monitor stand, and the built-in cable threading facility as well as the integrated USB and audio base ports make it an appealing prospect.

  • Amazing price
  • Can hold three 24” monitors
  • Surprisingly adjustable for the price
  • Padded steel base is easy on your desktop
  • Some plastic screws
  • It can be time-consuming aligning monitors

Our final pick is ideal for the bargain hunters out there. You can snatch up a HUANUO tri-monitor stand for less than half the price of any of the other options on our list. Granted, it has a slightly smaller 24” monitor capacity, but by every other standard, it’s a high-end design.

While it’s not as flexible as, say, our TechOrbit or Mount-It! choices, It still offers you 45° downward and 15° upward tilt functions, 16” of height adjustability, 360° swivel, and full individual VESA mount rotation.

HUANUO hasn’t just gone above and beyond to match some of the specs and features you’d associate with more expensive products, their thoughtfulness is punctuated by handy little details such as underside padding on the base plate and detachable clips for cable management.

It’s also an incredibly strong and durable design capable of holding 22 lbs per mount. Not having to shop around for excessively light products is going to really open up the monitor market for you.

Our sole caveat is that some of the screws used in the VESA mount are plastic, so our advice would be to hit the hardware store with one as a reference and replace them with heavy-duty metal screws.

Things To Consider

Before we jump into the in-depth reviews, let’s briefly discuss some of the key features you should consider before settling on a triple monitor stand.

Stand Type

Your first consideration should be the type of stand you need. There are three main designs: freestanding, grommet-mounted, and clamp-mounted.

Free Standing

Free Standing designs have a strong, heavy central base plate that stands on your desk, anchoring everything to the spot. They’re not attached in any way which is great for shifting your whole setup at once, but they tend to have a large footprint.


This kind of stand is mounted to your desk through drill holes and secured underneath. These are the sturdiest mounts, but not necessarily the strongest. They have a very small footprint.


These stands are fitted to the edge of your desk using C-clamps. They have a small footprint and are very secure, but they don’t suit particularly deep desks as your monitors will be too far away.

Arm Type

After settling on a stand type, give the arms some thought. Stand arms are categorized in a number of ways. First, you should settle on curved or flat arms. Curved arms provide more of an arched cockpit-style array. Flat arms should be able to tilt into a gentle arch, but they’re mostly used for linear arrays.

Some more advanced arm types allow you to alter individual monitor angle and height, although all changes are secured manually which can be time-consuming.

More advanced options still, use gas springs to facilitate instantaneous adjustments without the need to loosen or tighten anything, but they almost certainly won’t be as strong as standard arms.



Capacity in a tri-stand refers to the dimensions of the monitors it can hold and its overall weight-bearing limits. Weight guidelines are normally given per arm. For example, our top pick can hold three 27” monitors each weighing as much as 25 lbs.


VESA interfaces are for mounting flat displays such as monitors. You’ll need to make sure your stand has a VESA mount that corresponds with your monitor. Monitors are usually fitted with VESA-approved mounting hole spaces. The most common VESA mount sizing for monitors is 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm.


Are monitor arms better than stands?

Some argue that monitor arms are better than stands for many reasons. Firstly, arms offer greater flexibility to position your screen wherever you like. It also takes up less room on your desk meaning you have extra space for your other peripherals.

Can my PC support 3 monitors?

Your PC should be able to support three monitors as long as you have three graphics ports to connect your devices together.

Is curved or flat better for triple monitor?

This really comes down to personal preference. Curved screens offer a more immersive viewing experience compared to flat monitors. However, flat monitors are typically cheaper and are often a better choice for those on a budget.

Our Verdict

If you’ve already accumulated three monitors and you need some pure strength to hold their varying weights, our top Ergotech pick is about as tensile as they come, and as long as you line the base plate with something, it’ll be a great fit on your desk. That said, smaller footprints are the main benefit of triple monitor stands, in which case you may be better off with the EZM deluxe, but for maximum flex and easy adjustment, either of the gas spring stands will keep you smiling. Then, of course, if you’re on a strict budget, the HUANUO stand has no equal in that price range.

Choosing the triple-monitor life can at first seem a little impractical, and perhaps too much bother than it’s worth, but with one of these stands providing the essential anatomy of your setup, your only regret will be not having equipped yourself with three monitors sooner.