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Best motherboard for Intel 14th Gen – Z790, Z690 and for gaming

Last Updated on January 10, 2024
Best motherboard for Intel 14th Gen. Image shows the text "Best motherboard for Intel 14th Gen" next to the Intel logo and a ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero motherboard on a purple background.

Intel’s latest lineup of processors has finally launched, so we’re diving straight into the best motherboard for Intel 14th Gen. Choosing the best motherboard for the Intel 14th Gen processor is a pivotal decision that impacts the overall performance and experience of your PC. In this article, we will unveil the top motherboards that flawlessly pair with Intel’s latest CPUs, dubbed Raptor Lake Refresh, ensuring you harness the full power delivery and features offered by the 14th-generation processors.

By opting for a compatible and feature-rich motherboard, you pave the way for a computer that operates at peak efficiency, making the most of the cutting-edge capabilities of the Intel 14th Gen CPUs. Let’s get started.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best motherboard for Intel 14th Gen

Our selection process is meticulous and aims at providing you with the best options compatible with Intel’s 14th Gen processors. Given that the CPUs have just hit the market, there isn’t too much out there in terms of publicly available benchmarks and user reviews. Therefore, we’ll be looking closely at the official specs of the new Intel Core 14th Gen processors, and draw on our in-depth topic knowledge to match up what motherboards will help them achieve their highest performance. Our in-depth review of the Intel Core i9-4900K can give you insight into the performance of the top-end of the Intel 14 lineup. The name ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ hints at the similarity between Intel 14 and the last generation of processors, so it could be worth checking out some of the best motherboards for Intel 13th Gen.

We also consider the diversity of user needs, recommending motherboards that cater to various use cases, whether it be gaming, content creation, or general productivity. Different users prioritize different features, from overclocking capabilities to connectivity options or even aesthetic appeal. For a more general motherboard upgrade that’s not as CPU-specific, we’ve got you covered with guides to the best motherboard for gaming. Alternatively, maximize your PC’s performance by reviewing some of the motherboards that will pair well with your graphics card, such as the best motherboard for the RTX 4090.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Robust 24+1 phase power stages
  • Extensive connectivity options
  • PCIe Gen 5 support
  • A price tag that demands a considerable investment
  • Lack of broader accessibility

The ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero embodies a zenith of motherboard innovation and performance, tailoring itself perfectly to the demands of Intel’s 14th Generation CPUs. Boasting a formidable 24+1 phase power stage, it orchestrates a symphony of stability and reliability, essential for high-octane performance. Additionally, Gen 5 NVME support, Wi-Fi 7, and more consistent 10gb ethernet port network support.

Tailoring itself to users who bask in the realm of high-performance computing, gaming, or intensive content creation, the ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero doesn’t just walk the performance talk; it strides with confidence. It’s a perfect match for gamers with GPU X16 and M.2 support under the PCIe Gen 5 umbrella, ensuring that graphical performances are nothing short of breathtaking. If you’re investing in one of the top processors from the 14th Gen lineup such as the i9-14900K, quoted by Intel as the “world’s fastest desktop processor” with a maximum of 6 GHz speeds right out of the box, it’s definitely worth pairing with a high-end motherboard that can handle the heat.

  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile CPU support
  • Substantial connectivity options for varied needs
  • Fewer features compared to premium motherboards
  • Limited PCIe Gen 5 support on M.2 SSD slots

The ASUS PRIME Z790-A WIFI is an embodiment of balance, mingling performance with cost-effectiveness to provide a viable foundation for the Intel 14th Generation CPUs. Adorned with 16+1 DrMOS power stages, the motherboard maintains a resilient performance profile.

Connectivity flourishes through features like USB 3.2, USB Type-C, DisplayPort, and 2.5GB/s Ethernet. The motherboard graciously accommodates PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5, carving a pathway for future technologies to meld seamlessly with your system.

Primed for users who seek a blend of essential features without the opulence of premium price tags, the ASUS PRIME Z790-A WIFI proves to be a steadfast ally. It supports DDR5 memory up to 7000MHz, presenting a competent platform for applications demanding rapid memory access. With the ability to house the 12th and 13th gen CPUs as well, it extends its embrace to a broader spectrum of processors, enhancing its versatility and appeal to a varied user base.

  • Robust power stages for enhanced performance
  • Comprehensive PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5 readiness
  • Impressive thermal armor
  • Sits on the higher end of the price spectrum
  • Focus on performance might be overpowering for casual users

Embarking on a journey of performance mastery, the GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS MASTER comes power-packed with a 20+1+2 power stage design, fully equipped to cater to the demanding needs of the Intel 14th Generation CPUs.

The motherboard blooms in the garden of connectivity, with features such as USB 3.2, USB Type-C, DisplayPort, and a robust 10GB/s Ethernet. Moreover, with full PCIe Gen 5 support, encompassing both the GPU slot and M.2 slot, the AORUS MASTER places itself at the forefront of technological readiness and versatility.

However, the GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS MASTER doesn’t just cater to technical enthusiasts but brings a delightful experience to those who fancy aesthetics blended with performance. Its comprehensive thermal armor is not just a feature but an artwork, gracefully covering the VRMs, IO, and NVME SSD slots, ensuring not just visual elegance but a robust thermal management system that keeps the temperature at bay.

  • Excellent DDR5 7000 support and flexibility
  • Outstanding design aesthetics
  • Great performance without compelling Z790 upgrade
  • Limits RAM support up to 64GB
  • Focus on specific performance features
  • Could offer broader feature enhancements for diverse usage

In the realm of compatibility and performance, the Gigabyte Aorus Z690 Tachyon makes its presence notably felt. Armed with the LGA 1700 socket, it flawlessly accommodates the Intel 14th Gen CPUs, offering a landscape of efficient performance and fast frequencies. With its exquisite support for up to DDR5 7000, ECC, and non-ECC un-buffered DIMM, along with XMP support, the motherboard provides a rich canvas of technological robustness.

The Gigabyte Aorus Z690 Tachyon stands as a lighthouse for users who desire a blend of performance, compatibility, and economic sensibility. It allows the users to explore the realms of performance with the Intel 14th Gen CPUs without compelling them to immediately jump to a Z790 motherboard. The design speaks volumes of its aesthetic appeal, resonating with users who appreciate a synthesis of performance with visual elegance. A cornerstone of its appeal lies in its capacity to deliver an extraordinary performance landscape without urging users to stretch their budget boundaries.

Features and Considerations

When selecting the best motherboard for Intel 14th Gen CPUs, several critical features require careful consideration. Compatibility is paramount; the motherboard should seamlessly pair with the new CPUs, optimizing their performance and features. Additionally, consider the motherboard’s chipset as it influences the board’s overall performance, overclocking potential, and expansion capabilities.

Build quality and durability are also vital. A well-crafted motherboard with robust components will stand the test of time, offering longevity and consistent performance. It’s also essential to look at the motherboard’s layout, ensuring it provides a user-friendly experience, ease of installation, and effective cable management.

What motherboard do you need for Intel 14th Generation CPUs?

One of the best things about Intel’s 14th gen is its backward compatibility. Therefore, it’s notable that you can use any LGA1700 socket motherboard. Intel has made the 14th Gen CPUs versatile, allowing them to be compatible with a wide range of motherboards.

Our Verdict

Final thoughts

Choosing the best motherboard for Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs doesn’t have to be a complex task, thanks to our extensive review of some of the remarkable options available in the market. Each motherboard comes with its unique blend of features, technological prowess, and value, catering to a diverse array of users, from gaming enthusiasts to professional creators and everyday users. However, if you’re investing in one of the higher-end 14th Gen CPUs, our top pick goes to the Editors Choice, the ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero.

Understanding each user’s unique needs and expectations from a motherboard is pivotal in making an informed decision that promises satisfaction and performance excellence. Make sure to check back to PC Guide over the next few weeks, as we’ll be covering everything Intel 14th-Gen, including comparisons, reviews, and best guides to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new Intel processor.