New World Isn’t Bricking EVGA Nvidia RTX 3090 GPUs

More than meets the eye, Decepticons?

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**UPDATE 26/07/21: Tech YouTuber ‘JayzTwoCents’ has had confirmation from EBGA directly who have confirmed that they are replacing affected GPUs. The PC guru delved deep into the speculation, being unable to replicate the RTX 3090 issues as pushing his own card to the limits. He also took to twitter to state other models of graphics card have been affected:

The internet was ablaze with reports of Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics cards breaking when playing the public beta for Amazon’s new MMO ‘New World’. The New World subreddit lit up with players dealing with overheating and all-out card failures, but only EVGA branded Nvidia RTX 3090 cards.

Amazon originally issued the following statement to The Verge, which doesn’t confirm or deny that New World is causing these issues:

Hundreds of thousands of people played in the New World Closed Beta yesterday, with millions of total hours played. We’ve received a few reports of players using high-performance graphics cards experiencing hardware failure when playing New World.

New World makes standard DirectX calls as provided by the Windows API. We have seen no indication of widespread issues with 3090s, either in the beta or during our many months of alpha testing.

The New World Closed Beta is safe to play. In order to further reassure players, we will implement a patch today that caps frames per second on our menu screen. We’re grateful for the support New World is receiving from players around the world, and will keep listening to their feedback throughout Beta and beyond.”

They later provided a later statement stating that they had two specific customer service reports and advised that New World provides “user select-able settings to reduce graphics, which correspondingly reduces GPU load, if the player desires.”

EVGA has been remained quiet about the situation, only commenting vaguely to Windows Central and providing a link to their forums (where users are complaining about RTX 3090 issues):

“At the moment we are dealing with specific problems, if it is a problem really confirmed we will inform and inform you in our EVGA forums on our website.”

EVGA RTX 3090 Under Warranty?

However, PCWorld has confirmed that EVGA will cover any RTX 3090 related issues as ‘Under Warranty’. Ultimately, New World isn’t causing any issues for other branded Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 users. It ultimately seems like a hardware issue rather than software. It’s not causing any abnormal issues for any other graphics cards. The game itself is widely popular on Twitch (700,000 views) and Steam, with over 200K concurrent players on day one.

Amazon Game Studios have something to prove with New World. Looking to set itself apart from less attractive propositions such as Google Stadia, Amazon is positioning an all-in-one gaming subscription. Offers, free games, Twitch.TV sub and all prime benefits for £7.99 with a 30-day free trial.  New World launches 31st August 2021.

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