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AMD users reporting issues with Windows 11

AMD have a fix coming soon
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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AMD users are reporting that there are issues with their chosen processor on Microsoft’s new operating system. The issues seem to be stemming from the way the actual CPU functions and not anything too serious like the PC shutting down unexpectedly.

The issues have been noticeable to the point that AMD has released a FAQ that details the detailing the issues and unless you’re especially in tune with your PC’s performance, you’d be forgiven for not noticing.

However, those in the eSports scene might find that their games are being affected, with AMD signifying that these applications are the outliers, having 10-15% performance loss. Outside of this, 3-5% performance impact might occur in other programs.

Other issues are coming from the “Preferred Core”, AMD’s method of organizing the different cores and threads to use the most powerful one for the task at hand. The only information given about this in their table is that programs that use multiple threads might find performance impacted.

Both issues appear to be fixed in the upcoming Windows update in October, which considering we’re already in it, it’ll probably be fixed by the end of the month.

AMD’s only real fix for this issue at the moment is to maybe not use Windows 11, which if you’ve already upgraded, is a bit of a hassle to roll back to Windows 10 (luckily we have a guide).

Here’s AMD’s official table:

Microsoft’s Windows 11 launched October 5th and has been running into a few issues, including error codes during installation, an entire Vietnamese browser being rendered non-functional and we’re pretty sure more will crop up as time goes on. To keep abreast of everything, be sure to keep an eye on our Windows 11 hub.

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