Android 12-based Paranoid Android Rom Sapphire Alpha drops on new handsets

A potential alternative to your stock Android variant is here

Paranoid Android Rom

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Paranoid Android ROM gives users the full-fat Android 12 experience alongside some great features in its latest version, Saphire Alpha. You can head straight to the download here, but will your smartphone run it?

The current build is in Alpha, so it’s far from stable but works best with OnePro handsets. However, Sapphire Alpha is now compatible with other handsets. OnePlus, Xiaomi/Redmi, Nubia, and more brands can be found on the Paranoid Android compatibility Twitter feed:

The latest update brings the Sapphire Alpha Paranoid Android ROM to the OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus 7T Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10, and Poco F2 Pro. Whilst we’re not seeing the Samsungs and Pixels of the world appearing just yet, it’s worth noting that the last Paranoid Android ROM, Quartz, was able to run on Samsung handsets and more. So it looks like it’s just a matter of time.

The key here is launching Paranoid Android ROMs in a stable condition, hence the recommended handsets. Technically, you could flash the Paranoid Android ROM to any Android smartphone, but you’re also running the risk of bricking your smartphone too.

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Android 12-based Paranoid Android Rom Sapphire Alpha Features

There are various quality of life improvements on the Paranoid Android ROM Sapphire Alpha, here’s a quick list so you know if it’s for you or not:

All Devices:

  • On-the-spot controls
  • Pocket mode
  • Extended restart
  • Gestures
  • Navigation bar customization
  • Screen stabilization (Gimbal mode)
  • Adaptive playback
  • Pop-Up camera support
  • Per-app cellular data, VPN and WiFi restrictions
  • SafetyNet (most devices)
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • FOD support (Fingerprint On Display)
  • Pulse notifications
  • Paranoid Doze
  • Paranoid OTA
  • Caffeine tile (thanks LineageOS)
  • Extended screenshot support (thanks Pixel Experience)
  • Fast charging indicator


  • Extended vibration system
  • Alert slider support

Installing a custom Android 12 operating system can be risky and cause more issues than it’s worth. If your device is compatible with Paranoid Android ROM, Make sure to:

  • Back up your device
  • Unlock your device’s bootloader
  • Download and Install Android SDK Platform Tools
  • Enable USB Debugging on your handset
  • Download Android USB drivers for PC or Mac

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