AnyCubic Readies Photon Ultra For Launch

The devil is in the (extra) detail with AnyCubic's latest resin product - the Most Precise Consumer Resin 3D Printer Yet

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AnyCubic has long been one of our favorite 3D printer manufacturers. From the excellent Photon series to its amazingly handy Wash and Cure station, when AnyCubic gets a new product ready for launch, it causes waves od excitement in the 3D printing world.

The thing is, a lot of the time companies are just releasing slightly different iterations of existing hardware so what has got us extra-excited about the new Photon Ultra is a switch of technology. For the first time, a consumer-focused 3D SLA/resin printer will feature the much more advanced DLP technology usually found in projectors, rather than the more traditional LC screen variety.

As AnyCubic tells us: “Instead of a laser, a digital light projector is used to cure the resin in a DLP printer. It projects images of entire layers onto the vat’s bottom. A digital micromirror device (DMD), which consists of hundreds of thousands of small mirrors, is used to selectively guide light. DLP printers send direct, concentrated beams of light, producing up to 90% uniformity in the projected image.”

What this means to us is that we will soon be able to produce miniatures and other prints with exquisite levels of detail. DLP 3D printing has previously only really been available to the jewelry and dentistry industries. Guess what, now we are going to be printing armies of orcs on your precious tech!

Kickstarter Backing

The AnyCubic Photo Ultra will launch on Kickstarter on 14th September and you can subscribe on Superbacker for details and the option to get some great deals in terms of what you will pay to get your hands on the Ultra.

The prices are currently set at:

Super Early Bird – 33% off – $399 (only 100 units available)
Early Bird – 16% off – £499 (2000 units available)
Retail price (after Kickstarter) – $599.

This means you can save yourself a cool $200 if you want to get in at the start by signing up now for when it launches on the 14th.

Check out the Kickstarter landing page right here

AnyCubic Photon Ultra Specs