Tim Cook announces Apple will donate 20 million masks to medical workers

Tim Cook announces Apple will donate 20 million masks to medical workers

Due to the increasing numbers of coronavirus sufferers, the strain on healthcare systems around the globe is becoming increasingly apparent. Not only this, but the amount of equipment available to those healthcare professionals putting themselves on the frontline is dwindling. Now, companies and individuals alike are banding together to pool their resources together in an effort to aid those in need.

Apple, being one of the largest conglomerates in the world, is one of the said companies. In an announcement made by CEO Tim Cook, he stated that Apple will be donating a massive 20 million masks to help medical workers worldwide. He also emphasized that this is a “global effort” and that Apple is “working continuously with governments” to ensure that the donated supplies are utilized by those most in need.

In addition to the donation of masks, Cook also detailed that Apple has created an initiative for designing and creating face shields to help those in medical professions, putting themselves at a lesser risk of contracting the virus. Surprisingly, this process has already begun, with their first shipment being distributed to Kaiser hospitals in the Santa Clara Valley last week. The feedback from doctors from these institutions has been extremely positive and Apple is looking to ship around one million of these shields by the end of the week and increasing those numbers week by week.

It’s great to see Cook and Apple doing their part to help in the current COVID-19 laden climate and hope health workers will have a safer working environment moving forward due to these donations.

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