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Apple Vision Pro finally moves towards global launch with pre orders revealed for UK, Canada, and more

All you need to know as the Vision Pro goes worldwide
Last Updated on June 11, 2024
Apple Vision Pro and with packaging unboxed, image by PCGuide
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If you’ve patiently been waiting for the Apple Vision Pro to reach regions outside of the US, then your time has finally come. Apple’s impressive virtual and augmented reality headset is getting a more worldwide release following an announcement at WWDC which kicked off on June 10th. This is great news for fans based in the UK and Canada, as well as a range of other regions we’ll discuss below.

The Apple Vision Pro UK and Canada release date has already been revealed, with pricing details coming alongside it. You’ll soon be able to pre order the device in both regions, as long as you can put together the large amount of cash one of these headsets goes for.

Pre order dates for announced regions revealed

The Apple Vision Pro will be available for pre order in several different regions this month. Apple has officially announced the full list so far. Pre order dates can be found below, with a staggered release just a couple of weeks apart. If you’re interested in Canada or the UK, pre-orders will start on June 28.

  • Mainland China: June 13
  • Hong Kong: June 13
  • Japan: June 13
  • Singapore: June 13
  • Australia: June 28
  • Canada: June 28
  • France: June 28
  • Germany: June 28
  • UK: June 28

As you can see, this is split into two different phases. For regions getting a pre-order on June 13, full availability will be coming on June 28. For the rest of us, full availability will start on July 12th.

Where can I pre order one?

The Apple Vision Pro will be available both in Apple Store locations as well as the Apple Store online. For UK customers, we can direct you over to the Apple Vision Pro store page. If you’re instead based in Canada, check out the equivalent CA store page here.

If you’re in any of the other regions mentioned above, you should be able to find the Vision Pro on your respective store by choosing your country or region on Apple’s site.

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