Chrome skips version release over adjusted coronavirus work schedules

Chrome to skip version release over adjusted coronavirus work schedules

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As with all everyday software, Chrome is a program that constantly needs updating. Whether that be for performance improvements, security risks or just general upkeep. However, since COVID-19 reared its ugly head, Google, like pretty much all businesses there, has had to shuffle some of its operations around.

Last week Google stated that they are suspending Chrome and Chrome OS releases due to the said impact of coronavirus, promoting the beta of Chrome 81 to stable. This put big question marks over Chrome 82’s slated release with some wondering whether it will come out at all. They ensured users that the current releases out there in the wild will remain stable and a strong focus will be made on making these builds work as intended.

After Google’s statement, the future of Chrome 82 became very clear from their Director of Technical Program Management, who alluded to Chrome 81 being the main release for some time. He also indicated that Chrome 82 would not actually become a reality and that moving straight to an 83 version would make more sense. No formal decision or statement has been made on this matter but we’re sure Google will say something when the landscape becomes clearer.

It would always be nice to see the chronological update versions come true but in the current climate, there’s no predictability. Hopefully, with a shift in focus to keeping Chrome 81 stable in the short term, Chrome 83 can improve on the trial of NFC and mixed reality features, benefitting from the lack of its 82 counterpart.